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Wrong Costume...

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There was a guy in a bar one night that got really drunk, I mean really, really, really, drunk. When the bar closed he got up to go home. As he stumbled out the door he saw a nun walking on the sidewalk.

So he stumbled over to the nun and punched her in the face.

Well the nun was really surprised, but before she could do or say anything, he punched her again.

This time she fell down and he stumbled over to her and kicked her in the butt, then he picked her up and threw her into a wall. By this time the nun was pretty weak and couldn't move very much. So then he stumbled over to her, put his face right next to hers and whispered.......

"Not so tough tonight are you Batman?"
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That is just tooooooooooooooooooooo damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!!!
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