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Would You Stay...

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...At a theme-park style "Haunted" hotel?

My darling and I were discussing the viability of such a hotel (and why there aren't any.) We decided that it would be a great idea until about 2AM- and no matter how innocuous, not child-friendly.

Unlike an historic hotel that boasted actual hauntings, this would be more like staying at Disney's Haunted Mansion. Plenty of hidden passages, peppers ghosts, costumed staff, SFX, etc. Guests would have to sign a waiver and could choose where they landed on the scare-o-meter.

Anyway- just musing...

It is the kind of topic I could only bring here. ;)
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I think that sounds like fun! You might have a something there, I just found out there's a thing out there called the Great Horror Campout where teams participate in an all night scavenger hunt while being chased and scared by zombies and other monsters. You get to pick your level of scared and with the most intense they get to mess with you while you're in your tent!
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