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Would this work for a making multiple pelvises?

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I had one heckuva time trying to build a pelvis for the only skeleton I built from scratch this year. It was so bad I had to corpse it so no one would laugh at the poor thing.

It came to me that maybe I could build a pelvis like people build skulls over anatomical models. You know, doing the tin foil over it, then paper mache on top of that, and finally cutting the paper mache off of the model.

I want to build some next year using the Pumpkinrot style, but those dang pelvises are what's holding me back.

Has anyone tried that method and if so would this critter here work as a base for the build?

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Yep, I made a few hands by making each bone out of Sculpey. They looked pretty good, but too labor intensive. I suppose you could sculpt one really nice one, and mold it. Then you'd just lay in some wire before pouring in your casting material. Could work for feet, too. And maybe you'd only have to sculpt one if you just switch the digits around on the other casting.

If you really pay attention, though, there's a certain finesse in Pumpkinrot's ribs that most propmakers' don't have.
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