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A piece of sheet metal, new or scrap, it would probably have to be at least 30 inches long by 10 inches tall.
Wrap it into a smooth "Circle".
Draw the lines you need with a marker.
Cut the lines 1/4 higher than your mark.
Using pliers bend that 1/4 inch 90 degrees of the upright.
Reshape the entire piece rounded again to create the hip bone.
Bolt or pop-rivet the ends together.
Add whatever material you will be working with to slightly fill it out to a more realistic thickness. (Fiberglass, Bondo, plaster, paper mache....)
If you don't have the tools, they don't cost much. "red" handled tin snips- circle snips $9.00? Pop rivet gun $5.00? Pop rivets $3.00
Pop rivets are often better than sheet metal screws because there will not be a sharp point to worry about and one side of them finishes very flat, easier to hide with just paint.
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