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Would this work? I have to put the cauldron on a small table (about 2 feet hight) so it's more visible from the street, the fog machine and PVC would be covered for the most part by the witches dress as she hovers over the cauldron.

Also, I have extra metal dryer vent duct that I might use instead of the PVC... would this work? I'm wondering if the fog would just get chilled half way up the PVC and then fall back down the inlet pipe....

Well, if it does, remove the ice bottles?

I would expect to see SOME fog coming back down, but certainly not all, from my experience, based on my 700W foggers. This would not neccessarily be a bad thing, either...

IF POSSIBLE, I would also consider removing the second bend and cutting a whole in the table, so the fog just needs to go up once.

Another thing I've seen work is for people to put a case fan inside there to keep the fog moving up and out. No experience with that, myself.
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