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Would anyone know this website...?

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A loooong time ago (early-mid 2000s probably) I saw this website, it was similar to scary.com but probably a little less kiddish. This is a very vague memory, and I only remember one thing- there was this creepy girl (might've been a vampire or a witch, can't remember) walking down a staircase singing Come Little Children. If I remember correctly the girl's head was kinda big.

Lol so if you know anything about this, that'd be great
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That sounds like the web site for the Wisconsin Fear Grounds haunt a few years back. Not sure it's still the same:

I just used the Wayback Machine and it only had saves of that from like 2009 on. Didn't see anything, either. The site I'm talking about I saw way before then. Mid to early 2000s.
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