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This should probably be in Off Topic but its long, and a bit of a story so I'm putting it here.

The US Economy is Sliding, rolling, slipping, plummeting, down further and further.
It has been reminiscent of 1920’s and the situation is getting worse.
The government has big ideas and plans to try to fix the problem.
But these plans are greatly flawed and if they were to work the effects would be felt too late.
But what if the US economy were to collapse? How far would the ripple effect go?

Well this is my theory, possibly dead on, possibly greatly flawed.

The US Economy collapses, the dollar is worthless, business dies, homes are lost, food is the number one commodity.
The US is no longer exporting goods, And can no longer import goods either.

Other nations begin to suffer, first world nations reliant on the steady import/export of the US. Third world nations, dependent on the US and other first world nations aid, no longer receiving help. Famine, plague and violence break out among the third world people.

First world nations try to calm the third worlds, try to keep them from tearing themselves apart. The struggling first world nations stretch themselves thin… too thin.
First world nations begin to collapse, unable to function and keep a stable economy.
China falls. Japan falls. Russia, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, nation after nation they collapse into financial ruin and population crisis.

Around the world, people are looting, buildings are burning, the masses are angry and scared. Religious fanatics preach the end times, and the world prays for salvation.
People start to die. Unable to get medical help, the terminally ill are first; HIV/AIDS diabetics, cancer patients, the elderly.
Vaccines are no longer given, diseases that normally don’t kill, wipe out thousands to millions of small children and infants.

A calm sets in, people group together, try to help each other stay alive and healthy. One person influences many to do good, great things. They speak of change and reform, they inspire the masses to rebuild and work together.

Then they find someone to blame.

The masses are worked up, looking for change, looking to eliminate the cause of ruin before it arises again. The blame is set upon the heads of innocent people and one little push is all it takes.

Riots begin, the selected people, chosen as the villains, begin to be slaughtered by the irrational masses looking for the right path.
Conflict rises farther, as groups clash, the victims and villains combat each other simple street fighting and city wide riots escalates into state to state conflicts.
Small armies are formed gradually getting larger as more people choose their sides.

War breaks out, first small wars within the countries, then bigger wars between countries, over food, land, housing, and ultimately power. The world is at war with itself.
World War 3 is started and the innocent people who managed to avoid the fighting sit in fear of what is to come next.

The nuclear war heads become a focus.
More conflict, fuel on the fires, as the warring groups try to decide whether to use the weapons or not. Guns, bombs, gases, and disease have wreaked havoc upon the world population.

Then a war head is launched. Devastation follows. More nuclear bombs are sent out wiping out vast expanses of area as the land. The world falls silent.

Nearly 7 billion people were suddenly without food, water, homes, and health. They were spurred into war, killing those who stood in they way of their chances at a better life. When the war finally wanes, the people look out at the devastation they caused. The population has been halved. Billions are dead. Now there is enough food, enough living space, enough resources to start over, but at a cost that cannot, or should not be estimated.

When will this happen?
2 years from now?
5 years from now?
10 years from now?
Who really knows…

I know it is a grim out look but it is a possibility.

(Sorry about it being so long… :eek:)

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what you said is a sneak peek of what's bound to happen when the US economy shuts down. It is going to cause pandemonium all over the world.

We are already reeling from the shock of the oil price hike. Before, I used to drive a car going to work, now I just ride a bus because it's cheaper and a lot less stressful.

Dell (the company manufacturing computers) is at the verge of a major shut down. No wonder, laptops are becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day. Everything is crazy. America is not the only one affected by this economic crisis but the rest of the world.

It's useless to blame the government about this mishap because economic failures don't happen in a fortnight. It is caused by a series of failures and entrepreneurial mistake.

This is a really nice thread, by the way. It makes me wanna write an article about this myself.
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