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Hi there...

Working like mad on four different heads to be papermached. One is for a Scarecrow -- inspiration comes from Pumpkinrot (my goodness, you so inspire me!!!).... one for a Witch (who will be standing by a cauldron, flanked my people dressed as witches who will begin to move about when people get closer), and two "ghoulish" children... one a vampire, one maybe a zombie. The ghoulish children will both have a custom made doll there with them upon their benches....

So, here's a bit of what I'm working on!

Ghoul babies, visiting a friend in the cemetery. They are thoughtful like that.

Meet Zipper. She loves peppermint candy, and pouncing in mud puddles. She's very proud of her newly acquired front teeth.

This is Clops. He's pretty self conscious, so try not to stare.

Here's the beginning of the scarecrow head, with PUMPKIN ROT scarecrow in corner for ref/inspiration:

Witch Head:

THANKS TO EVERYONE who contributes to this forum. All of you have helped me via researching threads and reading, as well as inspired me.

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