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Same ad as before - best offer!
Thanks to all for their interest in my props this year. They're all gone except for one - a medieval Trebuchet!
This is a WORKING catapult, built as a bizarre little sideshow game at a very popular St Paul haunt. It is small compared to it's historic cousins, but is a fairly faithful copy of those seige engines. It is approximately 8' long x 6' high plus the 8' throwing arm. It has two stabilizing legs making it 8' wide, while the main structure is approx 3' wide. I made it to be broken down to it's components so it may be easier to transport and store.
ASKING PRICE - $750, or best offer. Ideal for people like me who watches "The Addams Family" and thinks they're perfectly nice, normal people.
Priced to move, surely won't last - all my other sale props are gone - only new, made to order from here out.

"Release the prisoners"!
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