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I'm doing a creepy carnival this year and wanted to include a few authentic gags. What's more fitting than a working electric chair? Now because you should have a vast knowledge of how this works before attempting to try it, I'm gonna keep quiet as to how I did it. That being said it is safe and with a little research you'll be able to purchase everything you need for about $100. I'll point you in the right direction......Think old quackery/modern sex toys. ;)

First the chair.
Mines constructed out of typical sized lumber.
Wood House Log cabin

I added a lightning ball to the top so I know when the chair is on. (getting up from the chair while powered will result in a shock) The old throw switch has been rewire as my on/off and I added the wooden handle. To make the extension cord look extra beefy, I slipped black garden hose over it. The hose also keeps the electrical cord safe where it enters the box and allows the clamps to firmly grip the smaller wire inside.

Here's the completed chair with a little side show vibe.
Now light bulbs can be lit by simply handing the person in the chair the bulb or touching their skin with the it.

and of course a working vid or 2. ;)




BTW what is it about this forum that re-orientates my images? (Also getting a lot of "You have exceeded 20 tags in your post" errors,even when I haven't
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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