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Working on props....

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Bought the skull lantern as im working on building 2 of the cemetery ghouls..... im working on a few differen't
props right now. Start now or be left out when Halloween comes.

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Going to build 2 of these. Have the wood and fabric....

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You might need to call the utilities company to mark where your gas, phone, electric wires might be buried, some of them are not very deep at all.
If they mark wrong, you puncture it='s their fault, if you don't call (no mark0 you puncture it,guess who pays then?
I know where that stuff is...well the phone wire is cut in two in the back from when I did some landscaping and since I don't use it anyway, I never got it repaired. The one that I always hit is my sprinkler lines. I didn't put them in and don't know what the logic was that the guy who did used.
I got the wood for the ghouls, might start on assembly this weekend..... I have PVC pipe I will use as the main pole
and use a short chicken wire fence post to put in the ground then slide the pvc over it.
Pieced together my graveyard ghoul over the weekend. It stands about 6' tall. Made out of PVC pipe, chicken wire, an old black drop cloth we had lying around, and some white cheese cloth. As you can see, I stole the basic concept from previous pictures posted on this thread. :D

Here's a few pics I took a long the way:
1. Framed out with PVC
2. Chicken wire head
3. Black drop cloth for face/head
4. Stand
5. Completed with Cheese cloth, lantern*, and skeleton hands

*The PVC pipe was too light to support the weight of the lantern, so it had to be propped up for the picture. I'll have to think of something come Oct when I set it outside, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.


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Nice job, TosaTerror!!! Trying to resist the 'squirrel' effect....might try this after I finish my cemetery fencing
and a shrunken head on Hilda's craft thread.
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Thanks. Yea, a cemetery fence is on my project list as well. I'm keeping my eyes open for "unattended wood pallets" to grab to make a fence out of.
nice job they look great
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Completed a couple fences today. So..... progress is moving along. I will build 6 sections for the front of my house. Each section is
8 feet wide. The wood is from pallets I ripped apart except I broke down and bought the 8 foot by 2 inch sections. I have 2 areas
that are 30 feet wide in front of my house to set up the fencing with the cemetery pillars im still working on. 4 pillars and 3 fence
sections per side.

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I am loving the cemetery ghouls. Thinking about making a couple for my display but with a twist. Instead of making them with a pole, I have nice trees in my yard. Thinking of suspending them using cable or fishing line and allowing them to move in the breeze a bit.
Yes that is a good idea too, if you have trees the hanging effect with fishing line would be awesome......
and if it is a little wind you get the swinging effect, which you could make with a fan sitting a few feet
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