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Working on props....

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Bought the skull lantern as im working on building 2 of the cemetery ghouls..... im working on a few differen't
props right now. Start now or be left out when Halloween comes.

Head Sculpture Statue Stone carving Figurine

Going to build 2 of these. Have the wood and fabric....

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Really like that ghoul concept. 7 feet sounds like a good height. Tall enough to be impressive . Could you use black plastic over chicken wire for the inside. and maybe spray it flat black? I wonder if you could put a black screen scrim halfway back in the hood and stencil on a faint skull face with reflective paint. Just enough to pick up some stray light.
Seems a shame to do all that work and have to pray for dry weather. If you hadn't already painted them I would have suggested some bedliner spray. That would have waterproofed them somewhat as well as giving them texture.
They do look nice and the whole setup will look great but I would be bummed if they melted on Halloween.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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