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Working on props....

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Bought the skull lantern as im working on building 2 of the cemetery ghouls..... im working on a few differen't
props right now. Start now or be left out when Halloween comes.

Head Sculpture Statue Stone carving Figurine

Going to build 2 of these. Have the wood and fabric....

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I Love the cemetery ghouls! the floating effect really is killer, especially with the right lighting. I'm also using this design as inspiration for my projection project.

The lanterns are perfect, I cant wait to see pics of the progress!
I have read several different how to's for these ghouls over time. It is common for the back portion of the under structure that supports the hood to be made out of Monster Mud with chicken wire frame. You can also use a paper mache type material if you want them to be a little more light weight but this would be less weather resistant if they are going outside.

If you are planning on putting them outside, building them on a pipe that can be slipped over a steak driven in the ground will avoid the need for the H supports.

This helps add to the floating effect in a close up situation...
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