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Working on props....

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Bought the skull lantern as im working on building 2 of the cemetery ghouls..... im working on a few differen't
props right now. Start now or be left out when Halloween comes.

Head Sculpture Statue Stone carving Figurine

Going to build 2 of these. Have the wood and fabric....

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Great, as if I didn't have enough ideas for Halloween 2016 already. Thanks to this thread, I now have to add one of these to my list of things to make before October. This will be an awesome addition to my graveyard, but I might scale it back a little just because I don't have a very big yard. So maybe a 4' mini ghoul

Way to twist my arm :D
Started on one of the ghouls over the weekend. I basically used the pictures from above as a blueprint. Mine will be about 5' tall framed out with PVC pipe. I have it about 90% complete, just waiting on the white Halloween cloth to arrive in the mail later this week. Once that's on It'll be pretty much complete (minus the lantern).

I have a feeling that once I attach the lantern to his hand, it will bend the PVC completely forward making it top heavy. So come Oct, I'll probably have to anchor his head (attaching fishing line to the back of his head and anchor it to the ground behind him) just so he stays upright. I'm up for ideas if there's a better way. I thought about pouring cement down the pipe to make it sturdier, but the PVC pipe opening might be too small for that.

I took some pictures along the way, I'll post them when I'm it's complete.
Pieced together my graveyard ghoul over the weekend. It stands about 6' tall. Made out of PVC pipe, chicken wire, an old black drop cloth we had lying around, and some white cheese cloth. As you can see, I stole the basic concept from previous pictures posted on this thread. :D

Here's a few pics I took a long the way:
1. Framed out with PVC
2. Chicken wire head
3. Black drop cloth for face/head
4. Stand
5. Completed with Cheese cloth, lantern*, and skeleton hands

*The PVC pipe was too light to support the weight of the lantern, so it had to be propped up for the picture. I'll have to think of something come Oct when I set it outside, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.


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Thanks. Yea, a cemetery fence is on my project list as well. I'm keeping my eyes open for "unattended wood pallets" to grab to make a fence out of.
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