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Working on props....

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Bought the skull lantern as im working on building 2 of the cemetery ghouls..... im working on a few differen't
props right now. Start now or be left out when Halloween comes.

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Going to build 2 of these. Have the wood and fabric....

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I havent found one but there are pics if you search on the internet, you can build them out of pvc or wood.
Im going with the wood as I already bought the materials. Im going to make mine about 7 feet tall and build
a base out of some 2 by 4's in an "H" pattern.
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Ghoul pics I found online. Not my pics but they show how to build them......


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As I remember reading about this one guy said he used chicken wire fence to form the head and shoulder area and covered it with the black
fabric you can get anywheres at halloween time in the stores. If you have a fabric store local you can really use anything black.... I have a few packs
of this im going to use.

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I have read several different how to's for these ghouls over time. It is common for the back portion of the under structure that supports the hood to be made out of Monster Mud with chicken wire frame. You can also use a paper mache type material if you want them to be a little more light weight but this would be less weather resistant if they are going outside.

If you are planning on putting them outside, building them on a pipe that can be slipped over a steak driven in the ground will avoid the need for the H supports.

This helps add to the floating effect in a close up situation...
Yes very good advice..... I might go with the pipe (PVC) as you mentioned so you can drive in a 3 foot fence post, the green ones you can get
at home depot, lowes...etc.... then that will give the free floating effect really nice...... im going with the chicken wire fence and fabric. I will just
keep my fingers crossed that the dreaded rain stays away. we have had a good track record as only 1 rained out Halloween in the last 5 years.
Yes that is a good point. The fence posts I have been using are 4 feet tall and you step on them and drive 1 foot in the ground, too easy.
I have been using them in my front yard for the last 5 years when I set up props etc..... I have a large front yard and haven't hit anything which
is good :)
All concrete pillars are made. Built 8 of them. I will have a pillar then an 8 foot section of fence then pillar etc.....
Going in from of my house with 2 sections 30 feet each side. Walkway up the middle. Getting ready to start painting them.
Will start tomorrow. Painting gray of course then will spray black watered down to give the old effect. I have most of the wood
cut for the fencing but with it snowing heavily and the weather at 20 degrees and lower for the last month I haven't done anything
with the fence but cut the tops into points. Still alot of time but progress is moving on.
Ok painting the Pillars has begun. I am using some left over house paint we have. My pillars are made of cardboard boxes I
got from the post office. The bottom box I cut up the 2 by 4's from the wood pallets I collected to make the wood fencing. I cut and
nailed them together and slid them in the box and sealed it up. So the pillar will be bottom heavy for sure. I will next mix black paint
with water and spray with a hand bottle to let the watered down paint run down the pillar for an aged look. I know being cardboard
they will not last in bad weather but they were free so I will keep my fingers crossed for good weather when the time comes. On top of the
pillars im putting a skull and they will be attached by velcro strips. I built 8 pillars. Im going to put 1 pillar then an 8 foot section of fence, then
pillar then fence. I have 2 areas to cover each 30 feet wide. More pics to come........

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I know with the weather but our TOT is only 2 hours from 6-8 pm. If it is rainy I can cover them and uncover when the time comes. We are 1 for 5 for rain
in the last 5 years so we have favorable conditions most of the time. Im planning on putting them out on the Monday day of..... we will see what happens.....
I got the wood for the ghouls, might start on assembly this weekend..... I have PVC pipe I will use as the main pole
and use a short chicken wire fence post to put in the ground then slide the pvc over it.
Completed a couple fences today. So..... progress is moving along. I will build 6 sections for the front of my house. Each section is
8 feet wide. The wood is from pallets I ripped apart except I broke down and bought the 8 foot by 2 inch sections. I have 2 areas
that are 30 feet wide in front of my house to set up the fencing with the cemetery pillars im still working on. 4 pillars and 3 fence
sections per side.

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Yes that is a good idea too, if you have trees the hanging effect with fishing line would be awesome......
and if it is a little wind you get the swinging effect, which you could make with a fan sitting a few feet
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