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Working on a new sign for my haunt

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I found part of an old lighted sign in the junk so naturally I grabbed it. I stopped by a sign maker and had them make me a sticker for it. I still have to add a back, lights, and a base of some type but it will get there. Should be pretty cool when Im done. The white part is about 15 inches high and 45 inches wide. Thinking about backlighting it with LED tape strips like they put on motorcycles.

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Just popped a couple lights behind it to see what it would look like. The bulbs are actually touching the white plastic and causing hot (or bright) spots. That shouldn't be the case once I get the back built. I will go with 3 lights instead of just 2 so it lights up good. Because there is not a back on it right now I have a ton of light escaping out the back side. This picture was taken in my dark garage.

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