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Working on a new idea for a prop. A train based Ecto 1

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We do a train layout each year for Halloween and I'm looking to do something different. I've got a board with 3 tracks and on one I'd like to build a stand alone car with a motor that houses an Ecto-1 model with working lights, protosound 3.0 with custom ghostbusters sound but be completely stand alone on the track.

Here is part of my theory.

I do have a model Ecto-1 but its a big sucker. I'm putting it next to my premiere diesel for comparison. Its about 14 inches long and a whopping 4.75 inches wide. The Deisel is about 3 inches longer but of course its only 2.5 inches wide and I'm not sure if the balance could be achieved even if you have the room around the track to do it.

But IF you did I would think you could break down a protosound 3.0 deisel, lose the top of course and rearrange the electronics and gut the bottom of the ecto 1 to make room. From there you could splice in to the light wire and reprogram the sound for the ghostbuster siren and add the lights to the ecto 1. The nice thing is that trains are so computerized now in theory you would be able to ruin the siren and lights remotely.

Sorry, protosound is the electronics for MTH trains and you can replace the sounds with others if you are experienced enough.

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Worse case scenario for this year would be to mount it on top of the diesel and have someone wire up the lights with a battery pack.

Does anyone here know how to do that and wants to make some cash?
What are the lights, how many, and how do you want them to function?
LEDs of course. Blue flashing for the two top blue bars. Not sure how many you would need for each light bar.

Solid white headlights for the front and sold red for the break lights.

Open to ideas just don't know how much can be done before Halloween.
Are you gonna install the LED's or do you need someone to do that plus the wiring and control?
I'm not good enough to wire or rig up a battery pack so I'd be needing someone to do the whole shabang.

Next year I'll look into actually converting a Diesel engine into an Ecto-1 instead of mounting it on top this year.
OK, so I guess my next question is, are the headlights, tailights, and the light bars accessible to allow LED installation? I wouldn't wanna have to break things apart to do it.
I know all the doors open including the back and the window is just a film that can be removed but I'll have to check the bottom to see if it comes off. I'm assuming some small drilling would be required to get the wires into the car itself for the battery back.
If you wanna send it to me, I'm willing to see if it's doable. I may even be able to add the sound to it if there's room. Like I said though, I wouldn't wanna have to break things apart to do the install. You can email me direct:
[email protected]

I really appreciate it. Before I send it I'm having a friend look at it locally to make sure its even feasible.
you were right @J-Man My friend confirmed the work is just too complex to make it worth it. I've bought another one with the lights completed. Hopefully I'll get it in a week or two.

Thanks again for your help.
Hey no problem, glad you found a better option.
Better than your handiwork I'm not sure. :)
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Hey @j-man,

Just wanted to give you an update. I made friends with a guy at work who has access to 3D printers and he was able to make me a platform to go over my locomotive and hold up the ecto 1 I bought. It really does look good and I'll get some pics after he's done making a mini slimer for the top :)
Update!! My friend is a bit of a perfectionist and wants to paint Slimer's teeth before he mounts him to the top of the car.

Here you can see the engine, the platform he built for it and the car itself. The platform (behind the Ecto 1) and slimer were done with 3D printers.

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Here it is fully assembled!

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