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working in the Halloween industry advice

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My dream is to be able to make a living (in any capacity) within the Halloween industry.
If anyone out there works Halloween year round, I would love to know what you do!
I'm just looking for some advice and encouragement!! :)

Thank you so much!
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We kind of do this... I started my web site last year and ran our 1st Pro Haunt at our local shopping mall last year we are already booked for 5 weeks this year and have done many themed parties so far as well as themed cakes and other themed set-up we even had the chance this past Christmas to build the Mall A new Santa Chair for there display. For us it all started by going to the mall to find out about a kioss to sell some of my products and it has now blown up and really getting big locally. I have now quite my job and am doing what I love full time.... I will say it is not the simplest jump to make but use the skills you have to do it I live in a city that only has about 200000 people and in just under a year grabbed the party market here and now have not only jumped into the Halloween industry but the party industry in a whole there are so many ways you can go My wife also makes custom cakes so we have really began to touch on different levels I will say tho if you are in a low tourist area maby a year round Halloween store or haunt won't work by itself but if you can market somthing else and Halloween be your big Draw your changes in making it could increases then just relying on the Haunt or store.. In our case we are now in the process of creating a portable mini putt themed to our style and a Laser tag Arena to come in the near future I am also in the process of buying a ScAir Structure so we could have a portable haunt and use it for our other events... There are so many ways you can go just plan it all out make a good biz plan and you'll be on your way...
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