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Work in progress haunt.

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My main problem is Im not sure what to do for lighting. I spent an hour or so messing around with it, but still havent gotten anything I really like yet. I want to have the whole garage pretty smokey, but with a fan in the Myers bedroom to keep fog out of there. Anyways tell me what you think, both good and bad. Oh and the pink blood will be replaced. I hate the way that stuff dried.

Here is his latest victim. Some packing paper wrapped in bubble wrap with some shoes and a fake arm sticking out...covered in wood varnish.

Here his is standing over whats going to be a bedroom...and his dead body friend.

And this is going to be his dug-up mother. My first blucky. I wrapped him in cheap spiderwebs and sprayed foam sealer all over. When it dried I peeled away as much web as I could and went over her with varnish. I didnt cut anything out of her because Im way to lazy and I dont think little kids would notice.

Oh and vote "no" for Halloween on Saturday for ever.
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whats wrong with Halloween on a Saturday? It's perfect
Man when i was a kid I loved going to school dressed up. I want my kid to have that too.
Mike looks a little stiff and posed bend him a little turn his head bend his arm something so he doesn't look like a display helps alot also dim yellow lighting from an end table light would work good if it's a bedroom.blue isn't the right color for real in the bedroom.You asked.
Hes animated, thats the position he starts in. The lighting in the pics is just my standard garage lighting. I was thinking like a busted lamp on the floor that flickers would be sweet.
They could go to school in their costumes on Friday. They still have Christmas parties even though they don't go to school on Christmas.

As for your display. Being a fan of horror. I love it. As a parent, I hope you will have some sort of age limit in play or at least a warning sign. I wouldn't want my daughter to see it.
Yeah I plan on being out front and having candy there for the smaller kids and making sure parents know whats inside.
Looks good. Real good actually..... big fan of Halloween films myself.

As for lighting, I'm a big fan of blue lighting. I use it to light up most of my graveyard set up except for the grim reaper who gets red. In my prison cell set up (which also has Myers) I used a black light which really worked well with the white, blood splattered sheets I hung behind him.
You know what would be cool is if you got a headstone that says "Myers" on it and a jack o'lantern in there also. That would be right out of the movies.
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