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Wording done for 2009 invite

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Here is the wording for my invites this yr. I'm going to be pinhead so I'll use a bloody font and we're just using Hell as a theme.

On October 24th as the moon looms in the
Murky sky
Creatures from hell refuse
To die
You start to feel a chill in the
Autumn air
It must be time again for a
Bloody affair
3330 E 350 S is where it
All began
7:00 pm the gates of hell open--
Beware the "Man"
In your best disguise bring your
Drinking concoction
Be careful once entered--Hell has
Come knockin'

I'm putting it in a spellbook that Jack o lantern designed.
I'll add a couple spells also on a couple of pages before it's
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