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Makers of foam tombstones, they offer a wide variety of shapes, designs and the epitaph of your choice in a variey of fonts. They will also make a custom tombstone based on a design of your choosing. Many of us make our own tombstones and take pride in them but if you want something really unique and intricate, you can't go wrong with this company. Customer service is outstanding and communication is fast and courteous. The prices are good too considering the time it would take to do one of these by hand. I've ordered seven stones from them in the past two months and every one is beautiful.

Here are a couple of them
They come in 4 pieces each. 2 base and two halves of the stone

The two halves aligned up. These get glued (obviously!)

The taller of the two at 36 inches

Detail shot

The bottom pic showing the pre-cut channels. These go about 20 inches into the stone

The second stone, at 30 inches tall

and the pair of them

Couple videos of the process.


and one they posted on assembly/finishing.

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:)Great company, thanks for posting it jdubbya! Great tombstones, I can't wait to see how you finish them. And I love your cemetery sign MatrixMom, really gorgeous! :D
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