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I decided to make the ScareFX coffin but collapsible. I knew that if I made a coffin it would be hell to store. I don't know about you guys but storage is an issue every year, especially when I get more and more decorations for Halloween and Xmas.

I changed out most of the 1x3's in the joints of the coffin to 2x2's. I purchased just one and cut it into links to fit around 11 1/2". It would have been better to buy a 2x4 treated and rip it but it was a quick decision. I then bought 12 2 1/2" carriage bolts, nuts, and washers. I drilled 2 holes in each joint and counter bored for the nut/washer. In some places the bolts were too long so you may want to buy shorter bolts.

I had to cut angles with my table saw for the 2x2's. I first put it together using the 1x3's and a brad nailer, lined them up, marked the 2x2's with the angle, cut the 2x2's and then replaced the 1x3's. I didn't bother cutting the angle on the bottom 2x2's but maybe you should. You will also notice that I left the 1x3's at the top and bottom. That is mainly because it made it thicker for the 2 1/2" bolts. You can replace them. I also made a few mistakes, most noticeable is the top where the top panel is inside the side panels instead of on top. Not that big of a deal since it makes it a touch wider but may mess up your measurements for you back and lid.

I have yet to put the back and lid on but I am thinking that I will put hinges on the lid with removable pins and on the back will be some sort of latches.

There you have it, a completely collapsible coffin, easy to store and carry. Hope this helps someone. I will try and add some pictures of the coffin collapsed later but I am putting it in my yard today. I probably will put in a skeleton I corpsed and spray it will my webcaster gun.

I noticed that there is a post on this forum by Hamm that did ScareFX's coffin also, it is here.
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