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My husband and I have run an awesome neighborhood Haunt for the past five years. Go look us up on Facebook at "Woodard's Mill Haunter" and take a look at our last several Haunts! However, we cannot do it anymore, and would love the sell the entire Haunt to a new dedicated amateur or professional Haunt! I have neatly stacked all our dead bodies, body parts, weapons, clowns, dolls, animatronics, fog machines, amps and speakers, lights, extension cords, costumes, and home made props (all AWESOME!!!) into an 8' x 16' portable storage device, and will ship it anywhere. I have included a sort of inventory list with prices that it would cost to get this stuff new... but I don't really want to sell it piecemeal, I want it all to go to a good home that will love it and cover it with blood and rip it to pieces and hack at it with saws... you get the picture. So let me know if you are interested! I am looking to get $5000 for the whole POD. I can't get pics to work for some reason, so private message me if remotely interested and I can send pics or we can talk!

Sort of semi-complete inventory (prices are what I can find online for new):

2 OSD audio AMP300 stereo amps $700
9 outdoor rock speakers with wire $400
2 100 foot LED outdoor light strings with many extra bulbs $500
18 outdoor extension cords, 50-100 ft, heavy gauge $900
15-20 light fixtures $140
~30 light bulbs, colored, fancy, strobe, disco, assorted $150
8 nice masks from Horror Dome $600
6 skeletons still in boxes $500
many skeletons and mannequins – some intact, some not $1000
2 animatronics from spirit Halloween $300
~20 gravestones (11 custom, rest generic) $700
6 fog machines (1 huge, 2 big, three small) $450
1 giant spider $120
2 jumping spiders $100
2 animated chainsaws $80
1 skeledog $35
1 large roll cheesecloth $50
1 box assorted weapons $200
1 box assorted body parts $200
1 box skulls and heads $200
1 box creepy dolls/ghouls $200
1 box vampire props $200
1 box spiders $100
1 box cats, bats, critters $100
4 animated coffins/tombstones $100
1 box store bought costumes/several morph suits $400
1 custom made pig head (body comes free!) $250
2 boxes of wall hangings $100
1 box clown gear $100
1 box masks, wigs $200
3 boxes thrift store clothes $100
many crows, rats, bugs $30
extra speaker wire $15
~2 jugs each fog juice, fake blood $50
2 haunting books $70
many tea lights $20
2 floating crocodiles $50
many electrical connection protection boxes $120
spider webbing and fiber fill $40
liquid latex $30
webcaster gun,drill bit, goo $40

Many of the following props are home-made, and these are hard to price; but many of them are awesome:

- Many candles made of PVC pipe (put tea lights in them to work)
- 6 alien pods (life-size)
~ 25 9-volt LED spot lights
- rock monster (supposed to be a costume but way too heavy – would make a good still prop)
- ogre vest/armor (the head is one of the nice masks, and with a red morph suit - included, this looks cool)
- 9 foot tall PVC skeleton (I make a giant clown or grim reaper out of him)
- alien head – looks great when also wearing a black morph suit and long black hand gloves – also included
- chandelier with red, white, or flickering bulbs (all in boxes somewhere)
- box of cut umbrellas to use to shelter lights from rain
- There are several boxes of “random” props – jars with eyeballs and fingers, signs, cages, lanterns, cool electrical wires that sound and move like broken sparking wires, a few pumpkin lanterns, some plastic bowls and tin ones, and so much more.
- I will let you keep all the storage containers and shelves if you need them.

To do a real inventory would take me a month – this is pretty rough, and honestly doesn’t do justice to what we have put into the last five years. As you can see, to buy all this stuff new would cost someone $10-15K – just the stuff that I show new prices for adds up to more than $9500.
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