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Wood Hallway & Drop Window

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Part of our school haunt this year will consist of a 16' hallway that will include 1 or 2 drop windows, (haven't decided quite yet) along with a 2-way mirror as you enter. In the image below, you will enter on the bottom right of the image and walk toward the 2-way mirror, turn right and make you way down the hallway. Air will be used to divert attention from guests as the drop window (DW) is labeled on the left side of the hallway. Never having used wood for our haunt walls I have been planning on using plywood attached to wooden frame, braced on the corners and on top in order to make the walls. Is there is easier more economical way to build freestanding walls? Also I have watched countless videos on You Tube for the drop window, searched the Internet and on HF.com. What is the suggested way to build one? Any preference or suggestions?

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I have yet to build a drop panel. Whatever method falls fast and make a loud noise is probably best :)
I'll be watching this thread to see what input you get.

I build 4'x8' panels for our outside maze using OSB and 2x4s. I need that kind of bulk because of our climate and winds. You can build interior panels using lauan plywood and 1x3s for framing (much lighter than my method), but I wouldn't exactly call them "free standing".
Check out Stiltbeasts Drop Panel tutorial. We're also making one this year and these plans are perfect.

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Sorry, the image works now. jdubbya, thanks I was leaning towards the Stiltbeast tutorial for the drop panel. Seems to be simple construction, lightweight and cost effective. As for the walls, I believe I will that same process, 2x2s and the 5mm underlayment to erect the walls. Additional bracing will be required in order for them to stand up, but I don't foresee that as a problem. Since this is an inside haunt, I don't need to beef up the construction to withstand any weather. I'll post images later.
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