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WITCHY parties

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Is anyone doing an all female witchy party? For numerous years there were many of us doing these. I don't have mine every year, but will have one this year again especially since I have added so many full size witches to my decor.

I miss seeing so many who did the various parties. If you are still lurking share some ideas with us.
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Hello! I'm thinking of having one this year. I've just started to pin ideas, and have found some inspiration from the movie Practical Magic - like a sisterhood theme. Pier 1 has some cute party decorations like straws that have paper cutouts that say, "Drink up Witches" and I like the idea of delivering cheap dollar store hats and asking guests to decorate them. There was a thread here years ago I've been trying to find from someone who had great ideas-maybe you? :)

Moonchicky, I have had one for years that I call Be WITCHY. Others on here have also done them There have just not been threads on them for a while. I hope that new people keep up the tradition. If you want to see photos search for Wonderful Witchy WIngding which was hosted for years by a forum member. There was a link on here at one time where a lot of us had our parties all linked in one thread. Hmmmm... people that I remember doing them are M
MHooch (did the Witchy WIngding), Rikki, Tannasgach,, to name a few.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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