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I haven't been on the forums in quite some time... I am glad to be back! For those of you that might remember me I did some potion bottles for a kitchen scene 2 years ago and they worked really well for the less scary, more cool factor. They were just jars with rope and hot glue, plus whatever else I put in the jars as 'potions'. Pictures are below:


Those were nice at the time but I have decided to start experimenting with different bottles and jars again, different materials and textures.

I just started some new bottles today. I had some empty liquor bottles laying around from when I used to be a bartender (took their empty bottles for Halloween projects). Over the next few weeks I will be experimenting with bottles and jars to see what I can come up. If anyone wants to chime in on what they have created or techniques/materials they have used please share!

The bottles have been coated with a Frost Glass spray paint inside (didn't work as well as I thought) and outside with some light sprays of cheap black spray paint inside the bottles. You could also do a light mist of black spray paint on the outside if you want. You can see it got a little runny in one of the bottles. I had some sand laying around so I decided to test it out inside the bottle while they spray paint was still wet, it gave it an interesting look and I used a sprinkle or two only. *I tried everything to get the image to flip but with no avail. I might just end up uplaoding them to a website and linking them to the thread...


If you have ideas from previous bottles/jars you have created or want me to try anything out, give me a shout!
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