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"WITCH" lol company sells the Best Skull Moulds, and the Silicone Products?

I have been searching every where, for a company that sells the SKULL Moulds and the Silicone mixtures, in order to make a
"BUNCH" of Skulls, one right after another.
Last year....I saw someone recommending this one company on You Tube....and I can not find that video at all...any where.
They were highly recommending them .....and I filed their name away.....some where???.....and of course.....I have no idea where I put the info.
They were a Halloween Haunt type of On Line Store....dealing with selling Moulds and Supplies or ....you can buy Skulls, directly off of them.
Can any one, suggest a Supplier, of Silicone "SKULL" Moulds and the Material to make the Skulls.
I have seen all the You Tube videos, on how to make your own Moulds.....and how to use Home Depot Spray Foam ( Great Stuff) , in order to create your own Skulls.
But....like come one......by the time that you make a Mould, and Pay for cans of "GREAT STUFF " which is not Cheap to buy.... and then make just "ONE" Skull at a time......with a cure time of 7 days.......it is just as Cheap to BUY a Skull .....as opposed to making your own.
I am wanting to make a BUNCH of Skulls, over the course of a weekend.
Making ones own Moulds, and using Great Stuff, or making your own Paper Mache Skull.....is just way to Time consuming and costly.....I'd rather pay for a Good "Silicone" Mould ( That I will have for years ) and buy their Products, and make "many" Skulls on the same day, , than to be playing around with just One....and waiting a week, to open up the Mould, which makes No Sense at all.....unless......you don't have a Life at all? lol
So.....does anyone have a Link....for a Haunt Store that sells the Silicone Moulds and Product to go with it?
We only have another 70+ Days.....till the Big Night is finally here.
Thanks for any Info, that you can send my way.
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