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WIP's of my Giant Skull Prop!

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I am inspired by all of the imaginative props on here. I've been to the site on and off, so I thought it was time to join and get involved with other haunters and prop makers. I try to add something new each year, last year I created a “billy” doll from the original Saw movie. I’ll post that in another post.

This is my attempt at a Giant Skull Prop.
Stone carving Head Skull Anthropology Sculpture

It started as a small garage door hanger but quickly got out of hand. He's about 3.5' Tall and about 9" thick. He started as a piece of foam board with a basic skull sketched onto it. I built him up with an outline of paper and tape, then 3 cans of 16oz Great Stuff. This is my first time using great stuff to this extent and the biggest piece I’ve made to date. If I had the time, he'd be even bigger and most likely able to talk. But deadlines aside, I’m happy with the progress so far.

He was carved to rough shape then an additional 2 cans of great stuff were used to bulk up the jaw and hit a few low spots. After all five cans I thought I would have some trouble with the strength, seeing as it’s pure foam and no reinforcement but the foam went on fine with very few air pockets and was easier than I thought to carve detail into and hold up to paper and tape being added over top of some spots.

I’ve only had a few hours here and there to work on him; hopefully I’ll be able to paint by early next week. He still needs the teeth and jaw shaped and a few coats of Paper Mache. I plan to keep him as rough as possible; I want it to look like carved bone.

I’ll try to post more pics as I make more progress. I look forward to seeing more amazing things on here as well. Thanks.
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