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Hi all,

I just got these in today so I thought I'd share them and ask for some feedback. Basically in a nutshell these mounts are for mounting a wiper motor along a length of PVC pipe. Could be used for animating arms, legs, making a kicking hangman, maybe a grave grabber? I've got a few other ideas for them I am planning to try out myself. I am hoping some of you might have some ideas for them as well. We are not officially producing these yet and I am not sure if we will. If somebody can come up with a really good concept, maybe I'll even send one your way to try out. :D

My original plan was to use the U-bolts to get the motor into the proper position while assembling your prop. Once that is done, you would drill through the pipe using the two provided holes in the mount and lock everything in place with 2 bolts. the U-bolts alone may work, but I don't like taking chances. ;) Nothing worse than having a prop come apart on the big night.

Thanks for looking,



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