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here is my list to start things off,


my first love is and always will be witches, cauldrons,brooms hats, spell books,, anything for a witches hut, although I don't do one out side like I used to, but ya just never know what I could do some day!!
if anyone could make realistic witch or skelly/grim reaper hands, that would be totally awesome!!
I love scary, not gross or gory, if it goes bump in the night,, it will be great!!

I love home made and thrift store things,
skulls and skellys,
spiders and spider victims ,webs am going to do a bigger spider area, or hope to,
flood lights, spot lights.. led would be great,

am really enjoying indoor decorating ,
love witch,black cat and ghost knick knacks,,
witch art work,
decorative witch hat would be awesome,
JOL's and pumpkins of all kinds
halloween plates,, decorative dish ware ,.
I have a wood china and leave alot of this type of thing previously listed out all year around,

dislikes: creepy dolls, clowns, , movies, zombies, gross and gory stuff,

the list could change at any time!!

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love witches. I am slowly moving toward each room of the house to be related to witches theme. I always use them as a basis for my theme. I just don’t have the time or $ to change things up a lot. I always to a witches party and sometimes a Boo Bash, but the past three years I have had surgery right around Halloween and have scaled back.

I think I am doing Puttin on the Witch this year with the emphasis on glamour. I also will possibly to a Witches Tea also for a different group of friends.


Would love a mortar and pestle for my witches cabinets
Love the candles made from PVC pipes and glue. Would love to have some of these, but never get around to making them.

Spell books, wands, potion jars and bottles,

Colored string lights and any kind of Halloween shaped string lights to add to my screened porch which I leave up year round in what we call the Creepy Cantina

Any music that is spooky and can be used as background. Somewhere this past year I misplaced a lot of my CDs and still have not found them. Would love to have a CD dedicated to anything witchy or with the word witch in it to play---have a possible lead on this

I have plans to make a series of witch jpgs of famous witches from television and movies to load onto a digital photo frame. I did a few of these a couple of years ago and didn’t keep them. Also looking for a good game of Which Witch? I keep playing with ideas---maybe my Reaper will give me ideas. Thinking of maybe sound clips from Witch shows or movies to identify along with the images. (I have a CD of Halloween themed movies that I do this with and it is always fun at the Boo Bash. Some are well known and others aren’t so much. I do a graphic on the printer and number the paper for them to write answers on. Just so much to get done.

Would like a Witchy guest book for people to sign in each year. Just can’t quite decide how to do it...I am good at copying ideas. I can come up with ideas, but need to "see" it to get going

Love witch photos to use as décor---like family or friends photos> I seem to have trouble getting them sized right. Someone on here had a large witch portrait over a table. It looked so REGAL. I would love to have one over my mantle. Guess I will just have to use trial and error and lots of ink to get one right.

like witch, black cat, cauldrons, etc. décor for a tree to decorate. I did a little of this this year, but need more.

Did I say that I love witches?????? Crashed witches, witches on the wall, mantle, hanging (I even decorated a couple of bedrooms this year like they were Witch shops and hung various costumes and black attire and hats around. Oh, I do love hats, too……

I have a spider bathroom that didn’t get done this year, but I love it and spiders.

Love homemade, repursposed, etc. I especially love unique and things that are created by one of my Forum friends. I have a perfect sign that my reaper’s daughter made for my Creepy Cantina one year (didn’t use it this year, because I need to frame and preserve better), a wonderful candleabra with purple roses, a gorgeous witch, a JOL head that is adorable and has been used as centerpiece and even the top of my Halloween tree one year. Other forum reaper gifts have been CDs of specific music, eyeball floral arrangement, man eating plant and the list goes on and on.

I also am new to pinterest and have fallen in love with all the wreaths. I have double front doors that really need something witchy

I am not picky. I just love these exchanges and will love whatever my reaper sends.

Also am adding a room this year devoted to a gypsy style witch. So anything along that line would be great! I love the old gyspy card reading machines. I actually met my husband the day after one of these grand witches gave me a card saying that I would meet someone in the next few days who would change my life. That was in high school! I still have that care someplace!!!!! I never pass up one of these machines. I would love to figure out a way to make a version of this. I read the wonderful thread on here of it, but it is complicated so I am looking for ways to incorporate the gypsy witch.

Would like a deck of Witches Cards---not tarot cards. They are too real.

Don't like blood, gory

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i have a love for zombies and always will, I am OBSESSED with the walking dead
i like scary decorations, and gore.
I love old looking/creepy paintings
and flame lights are something else that i love
skeletons, skulls
spotlights (led)
i love the pvc candles i see around here on HF but never made any
unique potion bottles
prop hands are always helpful and need some for some upcoming projects
love werewolves
Fake blood
did i say skeletons and zombies??? lol
spell books
never had a potion stand/ cabinet but would love one
fake birds

dont need movies

ADD in from the other thread

My driveway will be turned into a swamp complete with trees foggers my witches cabin with potions and spell books
and the backyard/frontyard will be transformed in a castle with stone brick walls. complete with a foyer (with a fireplace(the display from spirit 2013) flame lamps, and paintings)
Hallway which will include statues on knights :)
painting hallway with ALOT of paintings (time to start looking!)
and everythign else a castle has including a dungeon

Margarita Goddess
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I don't do a "theme" - I do different rooms with different things & this year my kitchen will be the Mad Scientist's Lab - Living room will be the Fortune Teller's Place. All my other rooms I just decorate how I want with jars, candles & creepy stuff. :D My garage is lit with chandeliers with candle bulbs & flourescent black light fixtures & is the dining area. I will have 2 cabinets of curiosities in here that are black light reactive so any stuff that glows in the dark or flourescent would be cool! I will also have a very large spider cabinet that is blacklight reactive - some spiders & insects with neon spots, markings would be great to add to it. Dining room will be one of the Buffet areas & a cabinet with creepy stuff there too. The Enclosed back porch will be the Butcher's Shop with food out there too. Haven't decided what to do in the Family room - definately want to cover the furniture with white sheets.

Likes - VERY OPEN! Have seen so many AWESOME things that people have made, refurbished & bought that I don't want to limit myself. ;)
Still looking for a Ouija Board
I do like Chocolate & Liquorice
My Pinterest Boards - http://www.pinterest.com/bsmithglobig/
Love Minions
Dislikes - Modern Horror movie characters (Freddie, Jason etc)
Don't need any movies or candle holders.

Head Witch
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Sugar skulls
Skulls any kind
Voodoo dolls
Witchy Items
can't go wrong with Zombies
We are doing a nightmare before christmas at our campsite this year, not at the house due to I am getting married on halloween.
Bloody valentine goodies are cool too.
Mad scientist
Love the universal monsters
Handmade items are super cool,
repurposed items are the bomb
so are second hand, i am very easy to please
Dont be afraid to gore it up
if you get stuck check out one of my pinterest pages

Most Disney
Blow molds
Red Dye ( Very allergic)

Please keep in mind that the list is subject to change..

My other ride is a Ninja
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ok dear reaper check this list it has items added compaired to the list i sent :)
here we go for my likes and dislikes

]Gothic, garden, and graveyard haunt is this year’s theme 2014
so anything for this theme would love homemade or bought items.
I love thrift store finds

rod iron anything
lanterns any kind
Grim Reapers
Bird cages
Water fountains small ones for garden.
Flower bulbs
Pumpkin seeds or zucchini seeds to grow in garden 
white , purple or red string lights are always good
funeral baskets
candle holders
Green man for garden
any color vines to wrap around items in the graveyard.
Steampunk items for my haunt would be killer
Gothic or steam punk fairy door
bird houses done up Halloween or steampunk
Lion heads Like on items you hang in garden
Chandelier one you have made or even one that I can make over to hang outside in garden 
like smudge sticks like these

I want to plant garlic this year you could send some cool garlic the big kind for me to plant :)
Ghost Mirror done like this

Candle sticks
Your design of a sun dial for garden

love gothic items
LOVE red glass anything. (Starting to collect the avon cap code glass)
things for a haunted garden.

a garlic wreath would be cool
or even a black and deep purple feather one
some unique vase to do this to or put out in garden

for valentines any things with twisted heart theme
love dark choc and choc
Also love hot and ice tea, capachino and mocha drinks :)
love short socks with difrent themes on them
Mardi Gras twisted mask for my gothic graveyard would be wicked cool or even lot of beads i could have them hanging out a vase and on grave stones

some ideas on pinterest



favorite colors are red and black

do not like bloody things,
no body parts ,
not into to cute halloween stuff .

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Was told to add my likes here, so that is what I am going to do.

Anything halloween, thats it, love it all.

I do run a scouting event for 10 and under, so prefer scare over gore so I can use it in my castle. yes, full size castle. check my profile for pics to see what I do.

ok, hope I do this right. Trying to add to my list. Figured the best way to do this is to give themes for my rooms...

kitchen/butcher, dinning room with mirror table, nursery, hospital, dungeon.
Also looking for nongory semi scary outdoor items for the younger kid area. Have a full cemetery area.
gnomes roam all over.
Future theme ideas are science lab, library, music room (building pipe organ)
Also looking to start gathering glow art, nothing fancy. Adding a tunnel which will be part black light art.
Oh, and clowns.

Far Away Eyes
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Theme for this year is “Tombstone, pop. 0 – the original ghost town”

Toy arrows – need lots to look like the place has been shot up with arrows, could make out of sticks and feathers
Toy cowboy pistols and holsters
Rustic, western items
Part of an old broken-down wagon wheel, or even a wagon wheel made of cardboard or foam
Steer skull, maybe made of paper mache
Crow with wings spread (like in Tonto's headdress in the latest Lone Ranger movie)
Fake cactus
Red long johns to hang on a clothesline

I am really liking the gothic garden ideas lately too
And Tikis - want to do a Freaky Tiki party some day!

Indoor decorations:
Need a real x-ray image for my mad lab (I have a x-ray light table that hangs on the wall, but no x-rays to clip to it)
Like elegant/spooky
Like dark chocolate
I love homemade, thrift store treasures, and vintage Halloween
Love gargoyles, mummies, witches, Dracula, Frankenstein, all the classic monsters
Can always use cheesecloth or creepycloth

Don’t really like overly cute or extreme gore. Don’t collect movies. Allergic to scented candles.

Lady Of The Lake
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Thank You Winter Reaper, I appreciate your hard work and kindness.

I love new, used or handmade items, whatever you choose for me will be great. My Pinterest boards are a good place to look for inspiration.


Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman-Im doing Sleepy Hollow in my Dining Room/Mantle and my front yard this year, So anything related to that would be great. (I need a Sleepy Hollow Book for display) (would love any kind of sleepy hollow tombstone) Those are specific things but anything SH oriented would be awesome.

Vampires- Im doing a Vampire Mansion theme on my front porch. I have some things on my pinterest board under vampire castle that might help you understand better. I want it to look like you stepped inside Draculas castle. Anything vampire or spooky mansion will be greatly appreciated.

I love Edgar Allan Poe- In 5th grade a teacher read The Tell-Tale heart to us on Halloween day, she turned off the lights and acted it out around the room as she read, it absolutely changed my life. I am an avid reader of the macabre and Halloween nut because of her.
fyi, I think nothing is more romantic than Poes Annabel Lee. My Daughter is named Annabella after House on Haunted Hill and The Annabel Lee poem it's my favorite ( Would love to find some long black Raven feathers) again that's just a specific anything Poe would be a treasure for sure.

Wicked Witch of the West/ Elphaba, love love love the green queen. Don't care much for the wizard of oz but definitely a Wicked fan. (saw on etsy they had a green elixir bottle and I would love to find one of those and make it very elphaba esk for my witchy stuff) again another specific but you cant go wrong with witches! I also don't have a love potion yet.

Universal Monsters- black and white horror movies, hammer films

My bedroom is red roses and skulls themed, Red White and Black. I love Gothic Romance type things. I love my hubby!!! I love Halloween!!! so naturally makes sense hu. My Hubbys name is Will and we have been together since high school. Feb 8th will be 18 years!

I love Tea, everything Tea related. We are a military family and were stationed in England for a few years. My daughters earliest memories are of us at tea shops. She is 7 and it is a thing with us now. Naturally I do a Halloween Tea. Most of the time its a Witches Halloween Tea. We set up the dining room table with spooky linens, sugar bowls, creamers, tea cups and pots and pretty spoons. So anything spooky tea related would be a gift to me and my daughter - a two for one gift, haha...Valentines Day Tea items are welcome also, We have a tea set up for every holiday.

I love roses in red , white ,orange and black, would love to have a white rose a bit blood spattered. Im not into gore but a little blood is okay. Also love silhouettes, cameos and black lace everything.

My favorite colors are Red and Black , I love milk and white chocolate. I love peanut butter, caramel, coconut and nuts. Don't care for liquorice or cinnamon red hots and sour things. I do like glitter, jewelry and nail polish. I also don't have a kitchen witch or a witch's ball (im trying to remember to come back and include what we have been talking about)

knife murder things, butcher shop items
demon, zombie or ghost babies and kids, I have kids and don't like dead ones
Occult, Ouija boards

Don't need:
spiders, I did a spider lair on my porch this past year and have a ton of them now
string lights, I found a good clearance and have a ton of orange lights now


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Here's mine, copied and pasted.

likes, dislikes, themes if any, and any other info you feel might help your victim (example< out door haunt, indoor party, etc) also may include Valentine things,, Mardi Gras , etc. PLEASE,, make it as detailed as possible, it makes it so much easier !!!

I tend to go for the scary rather than cutesie type of decor.

I have one room that I have been decorating with spiders the last couple of years, always need more web and spiders
And my kitchen has been kind of a lab/witch kitchen type of decor. I have scene setter walls that look like stone block
that I hang in there with some dungeon accessories and I made specimen jars last year to display on the built in desk.
I have both of the animated spell books and the Grandinroad walking hand (my 4yr old granddaughter thought we needed them)
I got the kinda gothic type scene setter walls for my living room last year also, don't really have a theme there,
just thought they were neat. I'm going to attempt an FCG in the picture window this year.
I haven't really decorated outside too much yet. I made a large spiderweb on window screen to hang on the front of the
house in the entryway there and I have a large spider and fly that I hang on it. I usually hang a large piece of faux fur
with neon colored cut out eyes attached in the door there too so it kinda looks like a cave behind the web.
This year I think we are going to try a graveyard in the front yard too.

My family likes zombies (love to play Call of Duty on the Xbox)

I would love any handmade items, there is a very talented group here

Feel free to use me as a guinea pig to experiment with new techniques and crafts.

Open to anything Valentine, Mardi Gras or Halloween themed.

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Here's a list that you can't go wrong with:

Love gothic-style items
Edgar Allan Poe
LED Candles/candlesticks/candelabras
Day of the Dead
Addams Family/Haunted Mansion-style items
Anything handmade as it will be an original!
Repurposed/thrift store items are great as well
Black licorice and dark chocolate

Theme - This year, we're doing a smaller size indoor party and going with a traditional Sleepy Hollow theme so I'll be looking for some colonial-style items to blend in with my other decor. For more ideas, see my pinterest boards at http://pinterest.com/blackcat1031/boards/ or albums here on HF.

Anything cute, clowns, gore, slasher-film icons, pirates, aliens, dolls, zombies, no glitter, not really into the witch/ouija board items, and don't need movies.

Chocolate is my BFF!
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hot tea, McD frappe, coffee
Haunting Style Halloween
Halloween Jewelry
Dead flowers/Roses
Grim Reaper
baking and cake Halloween theme
Haunted Grave yards
Used, Thrift, Goodwill, Homemade
Life-Size Props
Spells books
I favorite the colors red and black.
Love the Headless Horseman
I also like Valentine Day, so If you are wanting to theme around it, Go ahead! =}

Russell Stover chocolate. that is the only one I dislike other then cheapy chocolate.

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Here we go for round 3! :D

I decorate indoor/ outdoor. I have the beginnings of a cemetery out front. Also ghosts and witches.
Indoors I have a witches lair thing going. Creepy pictures too. Pretty much anything goes. Haha.
I will be updating this often as I read others lists I will get ideas.

I love witches. So things like: cauldrons,
potion labels,
potion jars,
Anything that would look good in a witches house really. I have a bookshelf I fill with potion bottles, and spellbooks, a mortar and pedestal, etc.
Sugar skulls,
skeleton dogs,
spider webs,
I like glittery too,
candle holders,
black cats,
black lights,
fog machines (i do not expect one. Just putting what I could use. :) ),
scary pictrues,
Edgar Allan Poe,
Halloween themed signs,
I like elegant, classy Halloween as well as cute, vintage, and gory. You really can't go wrong.
Vampire Kits,
Scary sound effects. Hard to find ones that aren't cheesy. I like to actually scare kids. Mwhahahaha!
I would really like a black light. Don't have one.
Would also like a crystal ball.

I also decorate for Valentine's day, so that's okay too. :) I love hand made and thrift store items too! I'm not too picky.

I don't care much for cheesy zombie things or cheesy vampire things ( twilight ) cheesy items in general really lol,
Zombie babies or altered dolls,
I don't care for character items I.E. Freddy, Jason, Michael, etc.
Don't really need movies.

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I'm doing a Hitchcock theme this year.


Birds...birds...birds. I need LOTS of them. Crows, ravens, blackbirds, pigeons, seagulls. Free standing so I can attach them to trees, shrubs, fences etc. Not the ones on stands.
Soft textured creatures that look like taxidermy (NOT the real thing, please!)
Bates Hotel sign that lights up with 'vacancy' notice.
Other 'Psycho' licensed items like Bates hotel soap, robe, bloodied shower curtain, motel keys etc.
Old style telephone (Dial M for Murder)
Wigs for Hitchcock leading ladies. Blond wigs in the style of Tippi Hedren (upswept, coiled, French rolled), classic Grace Kelly wig, Janet Leigh's short blond style. Also a grey old lady wig for Mrs. Bates and a dark wig for the Suzanne Pleshette character in The Birds.
Bundles of fake money (...or real money, dear Reaper!)
Child masks (very hard to find) to construct the life size school children characters who are attacked in 'The Birds'.
Hitchcock mask (not sure if this exists but that would be awesome!) One of my haunters will be playing Sir Alfred.
Creepy looking old style motel guest book
NEW ADDITION: prop hands with curled fingers. I'm going to suspend a life sized dummy by its fingers from the eavestrough/tree/other high place a la Vertigo

Handmade, 2nd hand, thrift store stuff is fine!


Hitchcock themed posters, postcards, memorabilia that I can't use in the haunt.
Anything cutesy, plush, or ornamental
Valentine's Day stuff - single right now so not celebrating this holiday. Maybe next year ;)

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Palladino, even if you don't find an Alfred H. mask, it would be easy to have someone play him. What about a huge black sillouhette of his head. Don't I remember there always being one of these with some theme music???? It's been years since I thought about or watched one of the original movies. They used to creep me out. The Birds was especially disturbing because it was normal people being attacked.
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