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Windshield Wiper Motor Power - Model Railway Transformer

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So, I was googling about using a laptop power supply to power a wiper motor and stumbled across an old thread in which someone used a OO railway transformer and controller to power their prop. They come with a built in controller to vary the speed of the train, so offer some control over the pace of the motor. Anyone ever used one? Just seeing if it is worth trying to find a cheap one. Thanks
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Had another google and am able to answer.my own question. Nope, nit enough ampage.
Actually they do work. I've got a couple that I bought for cheap off Craigslist and used them for numerous wiper motor props over the years (e.g. grim organist, writhing spider victim, etc.). They're great because they allow you to dial in the speed you want. Most of the transformers also come with additional staic DC connections you can use to power LEDs, etc.
I use one from my old HO train set. It's powering a vent motor rather than a wiper motor, but otherwise exactly like you said. It allows me to dial in the speed I want and doesn't require any special electronics skills. Just attach two wires from the controller to the motor and plug it in to the wall.
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