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Window projection source needed

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I am going to do some ghost window projections this year. I like the atmosphere fx projections but was wondering if there were any other options. I saw a fellow haunter had one that lit his house on fire - I thought that was amazing and was wondering if there was something else out there.

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Atmosfearfx, spectral illusions, hirezdesigns, and hallo window, are the ones I know of right off the top of my head. There's also tons of royalty free green screen content that you can use.
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I found some free projections on Youtube. Search the site for "Halloween projections". There is usually download instructions in the description under the video, or you could use a down-loader add-on for your web browser.

As Icepick mentioned, stock footage is a great resource too. Here is a link for royalty free fire stock footage:

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Wow, thanks ski for the link. Those flames are cool. Methinks of creating a witch burning setup for this.

thanks again

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