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Willy Wonka and Gypsy

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Hello all! So this year I've decided to dress up as a gypsy, a bit boring but when I went out to the thrift store last night I found a bunch of really great finds! My husband will be dressing up as Willy Wonka. If anyone has any tips/suggestions for either costume (that are not obvious!) please let me know!

For the gypsy costume so far I've got two skirts I am going to layer over each other, two 'shawls' going over the hips, a peasant shirt and a shawl for my head, oh, and on impluse I got one of those cheap wigs which I don't think I'll use, it's red, long and wavy but I think it's too red/orange, and don't gypsies usually have dark brown or black hair? I think I'll put up some more money and get a better quality wig! So I think all I still need for this costume is lots and lots of costume jewellery? If I'm missing something please let me know!

For Willy Wonka, I don't have anything yet, I think the jacket is the main part of the costume, so I'd like to get a nice one, I've searched the thrift stores but have only found ladies blazer type jackets that might work, I've seen the red ball jackets which are awesome although a bit pricey, not sure yet if we're going to spring for it. I love making/putting together costumes from scratch, but on ebay I've seen a few 'homemade' Willy Wonka costumes for sale, not sure if I should just go for it or do it all myself, that's usually the funnest part! Finding all the right pieces!

Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated! :)
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I think of gypsy's as having think gold bracelets along with lots of beaded bracelets. Also some kind of dangling earrings with stars and/or moons. Maybe a large cross necklace (to keep away count dracula).
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