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Will either synchronous motor work? Think these are different...

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Hello, I'm interested in making my first animated props for 2015 and I'm learning about favored motors for them, which seem to be 5rpm synchronous & wiper motors :). For the low speed 5rpm I'm wondering if there's a huge difference between the following two motors and if either would work for say the head movement for a cauldron creep, one arm grabber, peeking tombstone head:

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The motor on the bottom is a picture from another thread, the top is from eBay. I'm interested in the yellow wire eBay motor but I see that its info is a bit different than the other one but I know zero about what any of that means, I have no motor or electrical experience and would like to know if it would work for these props and could easily run with an electrical cord

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Thank you for any information!
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the description on the ebay motor says applications include fans ... really ... a 5 rpm fan? ... how much air is that going to move? lol!

most of the other applications aren't suited to this motor either ...

the ebay motor is 220vac and the cord you're showing plugs into 120vac outlets so i wouldn't get the motor for that reason alone

the other motor should work for a cauldron creep head and likely for a tombstone peeker, but it may not for a 1 arm grabber, which you'd have better luck with a wipper motor which has a lot more torque/power

there are a bunch of people that have more experiences with using these types of motors, so they'll have better answers ... i just wanted to throw my comments out there and hope others will be of more assistance ...

welcome to the best place on the internet(s) :)

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Yea, I said the same thing--how can a 5 RPM motor power a fan or a "warm air blower"??? LOL

I would say the bottom motor would work for the cauldron creep head. The other two props, it would depend on how heavy they are and how much torques is needed.
A lot of these synchronous motors (especially the 5-6 RPM ones) are the exact same motor that's inside the plastic housing of a reindeer motor. Which means if the motor feels too much resistance, it will reverse direction.
This feature is actually good for certain movements, but just wanted you to be aware of it. I order my 5 RPM motors like that off E-bay for around $5.00 a piece.
Plus MadMax on the forum here sells them also.
My advice would be go with a wiper motor...has much better torque, and reliability. Monsterguts has a nice selection of motors and accessories.
Those motors are basically the same, with different input voltages. Don't touch the 220, even with a 10-foot pole. They make them with even less voltage, which always makes me more comfortable.

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Here's a couple props that uses the 5rpm and I've had people to buy the motor from me for the cauldron creep. With the cauldron creep balance is important because I've had some people to tell me the motor was not strong enough (without reversing directions) for the cauldron creep but most people that bought the motor for that prop usually gets it to work. As Dave said I do sell the motor $10 each and that includes shipping but you can also get it on ebay for around $8.70 ($5 motor + $3.70 shipping/handling). Any electrical 2 prong cord will work on this motor and it does not matter how you hook the wires up.

You can also use it for other props...like turning a head back & forth

It's a very good motor and a work horse for the cost and size...I have one with 4,000+ hours on it (breathing grave)

The Breathing Grave uses the same motor

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