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Wild West Party - Help!

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Postponed the carnival this year and switched to Wild West. Did a search and didnt find anything of people who had previously attempted. Would greatly appreciate ideas. Also have been desperately trying to hunt down an electronic shooting gallery or something similar that I could rent but haven't been successful.

We are going to try and make the party a big 4,000 sw foot saloon

We currently have: A mechanical bull, Wooden Barrels, Large Wagon Wheels, A Western Style Arbor, Wooden Cowboy Cutouts, Farm Tables/Benches, Poker Table, Stockades, A hanging woman that we might able to transition into a gallows (times a ticking) and a full wooden floor.

Also going to attempt to get some hay barrels from a local farm and to turn our old cemetary columns into a saloon entrance with swinging doors.
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I can't think of who did it off the top of my head, but there's an awesome old west yard display from someone, I think in CA, that I'm going to look for & try to post a link for you. It's at her family's house... I'll keep looking.

If you haven't seen it already, Oriental Trading has some nice wild west stuff - a stockade, backgrounds, bandanas, tablecloths, plates, etc.

Anyway, here's some prop inspiration in the meantime -






Yay - I found the specific western post I was looking for! Here you go - http://www.halloweenforum.com/general-halloween/142795-porcupine-gulch-yard-haunt-2015-a.html


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Hey! Okay so I have a pinterest board for hosts for ideas for Murder at Cherry Creek Saloon - there may be a few ideas for you there as well:


Also, for the hay bails, I know I have seen grocery stores etc using them for their pumpkin/fall displays. Perhaps you could ask to have them afterwards?

I think the old time music would help to really set the scene. I remember seeing a youtube video of an old west piano - perhaps you could use it for a portion as background music:


If you have a projector or could beg/borrow/steal one, projecting old black and white western movies on a white wall or sheet could have a fun effect as well.

And you could always have some poker games! I'll think on it some more as well, I have done this theme a few times myself, and even once had a moustache bar for the guys ;)
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