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Halloween is the perfect time to throw a party that includes adults, teens and kids. Start a safe tradition for family and friends by having a Spooky Block Party in the neighborhood. WigShop.com is the ideal one-stop online shop for Halloween Fun. With terrific prices and hundreds of wigs, WigShop.com can help the entire family find just the right look for Halloween 2009. Here are some top sellers, sure to be party favorites:

China Doll Long Costume Wig – A chin length shoulder bob with straight bangs.

Marilyn Costume Wig – Look just like the 1950’s starlet with a platinum, wavy blonde wig.

Buccaneer Johnny Costume Wig – Plunder the Caribbean in this ornate wig, complete with goatee, braids, beads trinkets and traditional pirate bandana.

Other top favorites include Elvis, Princess Leah, Rapunzel, Elizabeth Taylor and even President Clinton. Creativity is the key, and the prices won’t break the bank. WigShop.com Halloween Wigs range in price from just $8.00 to $163.00. In order to obtain free shipping, all orders must be submitted online by midnight on October 13, 2009, featuring coupon code 920024 at checkout. Online orders of five or more wigs will receive a special discount of 10% off the entire order. Visit WigShop.com today for the best in Halloween fun.
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