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This is a project that might take sometime if you don't have a dog.

Find a nice long5'-6' or 7' stick. about 2"-3" diam. thick.


Marrow bones (previously enjoyed) and weathered.

I had a lot of old marrow bones that our bullmastiff, Jam had nawed on over the 9 yrs. and for some reason I just never tossed them out. I had found a nice big stick on day during a hike and just kept it. It was sturdy and not too heavy.

I need to fix the stick up this year with the twine. (I'll post the updated pictures later)

Just link the bones with the twine and let them dangle so they clink together when you walk. I used it during a haunted hayride and the riders loved it....I even scared one of my fellow spookers. :D
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