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Why we do this

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DH came home from work about 4 and immediately started setting up the graveyard. As he was bringing the tombstones and putting them in place, a group of boys (about 10-12) came walking by- when they saw my husband setting up, they stopped what they were doing and gave a collective "ooooh"...he chatted with them for a few minutes about costumes and what they were going as, told them what they had to look forward to, and so on. The kids, who minutes earlier were image-conscious tweens, were as excited and eager as our six year old. And this was just the first day- it'll only get better as we add the rest of the decorations.

It's been a long, hot, difficult summer, and there were times we were tempted to scrap our build because it wasn't working out. We still have work to do to finish...but seeing these kids and their reaction suddenly made all of that a distant memory- a bad dream which disappeared soon after waking.

We do this- all of us, all of the work, because we love Halloween and we want to share that love with others. We love the magic, the illusion, the mystery, and we want everyone around us to experience it the way we do. And seeing their expressions, hearing their excitement when they "get" it is worth all the effort.

Happy Halloween everyone- may it be a wonderful time!
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Excellent post! Couldn't have said it better! :D
I have posted this elsewhere i think, butwe never have tot's.We have had 2 in 4 years. So last year I put out 3 jols and 2 inflatables on the nightof. Last week my neighbors kids who re 12 and 14 stopped by to see if hey could help me set up. Well after that me and kids are setting up a ton of stuff starting with the cemetary and adding more each week. Thats what keeps me going. Knowing the children dig it.
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Great story, SpiderWitch!

I agree. You hit the nail on the head.
great story!

i have a neighbor that walks up and down the street every night. At this point in the year i have been in the garage with the door open about every other night for the last two months. we exchange our "Hi"s and he keeps going.

Last week he stops and this is the conversations:

Neighbor: I figured it out

Me: Whats that?

Neighbor: Your are doctor Frankenstein! you are always out in your "lab", with dim lights and strange noises and when you come out you have awesome creatures and decorations.

Me: just standing there with a big smile.

i took it as a major compliment, i hope that is how it was meant.

I saw him with his wife a couple days later and as they drove by my house they stopped and the wife told me "i am making him take me to Michael's i want to make some decorations like yours"

that is the reason i do it...
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We haven't started putting up stuff yet (this weekend is the big kickoff) but last year we had people stop and take pictures. The kids on the school bus always yell out how awesome the yard is and some kids in the neighborhood (because the bus passes by our house twice a day) even drag their parents out before Halloween to get an up close look at the spooky house.

I was outside putting a few decorations out last year and one girl is literally dragging her mom/grandma (not sure) down the street by the hand. "See! I told you it was super scary. Take a picture, take a picture!" The excitement couldn't have brought a bigger smile to my face and the mom was just laughing. Told me the girl had been begging her for a week to come see the Halloween house.:D

My kids are elementary to high school age and they all think it's pretty cool that their classmates know they live in the scary house. Makes them the weirdly popular crew for a few months.:cool:
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ZP- that's the way it is in our neighborhood! And when our son started kindergarten last year, the kids at the elementary and high school all knew him from Halloween- several of them brought their friends up saying "this is where my buddy Robert lives"...it was a real treat for him.
I do it to share my love of the one day we can be anything we like. I don't dress up, so I dress my yard for the enjoyment and fear of all who enter. And they come back each year to see I have built that is new { a real challenge }
I enjoy the look in the younger victims eyes as they walk in the Graveyard . Yet we are careful not to scare the very young. But the older teens and adults Are our best victims YET they come back each year for more.
The best compliments we get are . " great can I bring back my Wife /husband "
"If I bring back my Mom/Dad can you scare them too." [ we have never failed ]
Our yard is both a display and Haunt that you can walk thru. A child gets a free pass. All Others are victims.
And last reason why
It is MY DAY
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SpiderWitch.... I'm such a sap! Your post brought a tear (or two!) to my eyes.

Fantastic post. I say, HEAR, HEAR!!!! You summed up my feelings beautifully.

Happy Halloween to you ans yours! :D
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