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why oh why do the best things DIE!?! Michigan

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So, last year I stumbled upon what I looked at as a Halloween initiative. I went to the Halloween garage sale from the motor city haunt club... But the club has endead before I could connect. Puh! Now where are all of the diehard Michigan fans!?? Haha this post seems way more dramatic than I mean ...heh *blushes* lemme know k thx bye!
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Surprised to hear that the Motor City Haunt Club is no more... I thought that it seemed to be pretty popular, based on the fact that it was always advertised in the Fear Finder paper, plus some members here mentioned the garage sale last year and how many attendees there were. Personally, I never joined mainly due to there being no central location for meetups. I would also certainly like to be able to get together with some people who are very much into Halloween.

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The post is about the Great Lake Fright Fest to be no more. The MCHC is still continuing.

You heard the rumors and it is true,
15 years of Great Lakes FrightFest is done, it’s through!
It breaks our hearts to call it quits,
but health issues and age is causing us fits!
We will miss our “Haunt” family of old & new,
this makes us sad, upset and blue!
We had the Best Speakers, Vendors, Attendees and Staff –
Hours of Fun and Years of Laughs.
How do you say Thank you for helping our Charities…..
With can goods, raffles and all the Sincerities???
15 years has really flown by,
With a heavy heart – it is tough to say Good Bye!
After 2015 - We will close our door,
2016 - We’ll be done, gone – Never More!
Come Celebrate – Stop on by,
Let’s have some fun - before we say Adios, So Long and Good Bye!
With Love and gratitude,
Kkrazy Kkaren & KK’s Keeper (aka Brian)
**Due to the amount of attendees – ONLY Pre-Registration will be accepted.
Only a limited number of people will be able to register – watch the website for details.
Great Lakes FrightFest
May 28 – 31, 2015"

"First and foremost Karen and Brian are not on their death beds lol. Not to be long winded but now that the news has been broken this was not a decision that came easy those who know the Taylor's know that they don't quit without a fight. For Lisa and I this is as hard as it is for Karen and Brian we have helped dedicate over the years the headaches and heartaches hand in hand this has not been a burden but a blessing. Anyone who has had a chance to talk to KK and Brian know that yes they are crazy! Who in their right mind would have a Halloween event in June? 10 years ago if you would have asked me could I make a difference I would've told you no,then I met 250 people that begged to differ.10 years later I now gather with over 500 plus who beg to differ. Two of the greatest mentors I know showed me we can make a difference! That should never change,they have taught all of us that we can make a difference for 15 yrs. they have help feed those who are less fortunate and that includes our furry friends as well. Sadly as this event has run its course take heart that we have made a difference in a very messed up world and have left a footprint that no one can take that away. Take what they have given us and continue that in our everyday lives. You can still make a difference raise can goods,donate to the animal shelter, donate to costumes for kids,Two of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and spent time with have taught me that. I personally don't want this year to be known as cry fest . This chapter has finished they need a very earned rest. 15 yrs is a long time and has gone by so fast. No one could replace,take over,or do what has been done by Karen and Brian this is their child and Lisa and I have been grateful to help raise it these many years. The fact is we are all older and it's getting tougher.The only thing I wish I could change is,I wish I could've been there from the beginning !
For all of you have helped two crazy people with a dream,make it a reality.
With regards,
Steve and Lisa Toby"
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