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Why I'm A Haunter

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Hey guys as build season gets into full swing I tend to get all caught up in my projects. I find it can be pretty easy to get stressed juggling your actual life and haunter life at times so I find it helpful to reflect on why we do what we do. I made a video and I talk about early halloween memories and why I love being a haunter. Hopefully you'll find this interesting.

Even if you don't watch the video maybe share some early Halloween memories, traditions you remember from being a kid, stories about your first haunt and so on.

Thanks and happy haunting :)

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I love to scare kids :D. My favorite moment is when two kids are out at the sidewalk talking and debating if they should walk upto the house or not. My favorite comment was 2 years ago when this kid said to his friend 'This dude's halloween display is legend!!!'. I am constantly thinking about my next haunt to the point of driving my girlfriend nuts because my classic line is 'this would be really cool in the haunt'. I also always kind of smile at the people buying insulation foam sheets and pvc and think to myself 'They are probably buying those items and using them for what they're actually intended' Best time of year is actually right now...100 days or so and the panic sets in and when I see stuff hit the stores I know I need to crack it up 3 more notches!!!!
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