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Why I'm A Haunter

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Hey guys as build season gets into full swing I tend to get all caught up in my projects. I find it can be pretty easy to get stressed juggling your actual life and haunter life at times so I find it helpful to reflect on why we do what we do. I made a video and I talk about early halloween memories and why I love being a haunter. Hopefully you'll find this interesting.

Even if you don't watch the video maybe share some early Halloween memories, traditions you remember from being a kid, stories about your first haunt and so on.

Thanks and happy haunting :)

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I have always loved Halloween but could never ever had done what I do now before I moved to the house we live in now. Up until 6 years ago this Dec I lived in a bad area and I mean BAD. I didnt put much outside because the chance of it being there in the morning was slim to none, and there was no trick or treating in that neighborhood. So when I moved here the first Halloween I went alittle nuts. It was so much fun I have done it every year since and constantly add to it. I have always loved Halloween but a good friend who also loves Halloween pointed out that maybe we go a bit over the top is because we both lost parents close to Halloween so we try to make it fun and keep busy. I dont know if thats the case but I lost my dad in Oct when I was 17 and 7 years later I lost my mom in Oct. So maybe it is something to keep me busy, maybe I am just a Halloween junkie, maybe its both. I dont really know I just know Halloween makes me really happy and I just adore all the spooky things....
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