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Why I'm A Haunter

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Hey guys as build season gets into full swing I tend to get all caught up in my projects. I find it can be pretty easy to get stressed juggling your actual life and haunter life at times so I find it helpful to reflect on why we do what we do. I made a video and I talk about early halloween memories and why I love being a haunter. Hopefully you'll find this interesting.

Even if you don't watch the video maybe share some early Halloween memories, traditions you remember from being a kid, stories about your first haunt and so on.

Thanks and happy haunting :)

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I really, really enjoyed your video and then of course I had to watch the video of your display. Wow!! That is a tremendous amount of creative work. Over the years I would have killed to have a display like that. I just don't know how to build like that. Several years ago I talked to Larry and he allowed me to start The Prop Builders Group here in the forum.

It was an idea I came up with to keep members interested in building during the off months. I set it up to have instructors that took the students through the build and was made to really help members that wanted to do so much more but had no idea how to go about it. The project was placed in a special section and the group worked together. It helped members get a project done from start to finish in a given amount of time. One month before the project beginning they were presented with a materials list so when the project started they had everything they needed.

We always started in Feb. after Xmas. We did so good our 1st year with quite a few projects. They were 2 categories, big projects and then small not as costly projects so everyone could join in. If you look in tutorials step by step...you will find the section I made in Halloween Prop Group Building, if you go to the last page there you can see how we started. Members were able to look at each others work and all moved along at the same pace. It was great with an instructor who answered questions for all as we moved along.

There was a separate section for instructors and students so we stuck to the project in that section with questions and progress on projects.

I sure miss those days so much, but I got sick and just got worse over the years. I'm gonna be 61 in Dec. and the last 3 years have been the downfall of my haunt. I have so much stuff and we just all have had health issues where we just can't get it up. Five years ago I had to give up the ladder and that was a major blow and then my hands went and they joined an already existing problem that made it hard for me to walk.

I tried over to years to get help but just no luck at all. In 2012 the local paper did a write up on our haunt and we had over 1000 people come through the house. Most of my haunt was in the house. Most years we drew between 600 - 700. I just kept building it bigger. I come from a decorating family so it was in the blood early on. I always did a lot but then I found this place.....and I have been nuts ever since. The ideas here and the support took my little project list to the stars!

I think its wonderful what you do and sometimes we never realize how much it means to people because we are so busy running it on Halloween night. When I opened the house up that's when I really got to talk to everyone that came through my house. I use to do a family picture that I posted online so each family got to talk with me as they waited in line to get their picture taken. That experience changed my life forever and made me realize I played a big part in their Halloween traditions,

Last year was the final blow, our local town 8 miles away decided to go big or go home and now what is becoming a yearly tradition, even tho its in the cradle, has taken all the familes and brought them to town. And...because the last few years we could not get the entire haunt up people just stopped coming and that will happen. I worked so hard over the years to build this thing for my community and with severe illness it just fell apart.

Last year we had 20 kids.....I thought I was gonna die. It caused severe sadness for me to see all this stuff that brought people so much fun was just sitting in boxes, lots of boxes! My ex husband always helped me put the haunt up and he did all the building. We won a contest here one year with a coffin he built. I was so proud. I admired these people so much and they voted for our coffin build. I finally felt like I belonged here and they been wonderful ever since.

I love this community and the spirit that stays alive and how they nurture new members and bring them along in their journey to keep Halloween a memorable experience for all those who visit our haunts! Halloween has always and will always be my favorite season of the year. With whats been going on with our health these last few years I'm really not sure how many Halloweens I have left in me. We were not going to do one thing this year, but one night, in the middle of the night I came back in here and started to read and by the time I shut the pc down I knew I was gonna give it another run. That's what you people give me.

You guys just inspire me so much and bring me such joy I just gotta try and do it. So the totes started their parade of coming out of the dungeon and I'm just gonna empty one at a time and do what I can. I asked the guys to at least get the cemetery up and the lights up outside. If the kids on the bus watch me build all through Sept. there is a chance we may have more people this Halloween but most importantly this year I"M REALLY doing it for myself!. May the Force Be with You All and let's Haunt!!

Momma Muffy
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