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Why I Have Grey Hair!

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So I went to rebuild, for the fifth time in five years, the wings on my Creeper figure, and I reach for my staple gun and... it's not in the tool box. I check my other tool box, and nothing. I check the kitchen, bedrooms, car trunks, everywhere... no staple gun. So I go up to Lowes and buy yet another new one and tell the cashier I have to buy one of these things every, single, year because my kids take it to do something with and never put it back. I told him someday I'm going to open a box stashed away somewhere and 20 or 30 staple guns will rain out.

So I get back home, and my sons are working on putting up their maze walls, and within 30 seconds of me getting out of the car my oldest son says "Oh hey, you bought another staple gun. Did you buy staples too?" When I said yes, he started looking at the gun and I could see his mind getting ready to ask, so I said "No, you can't. Now put it down and don't touch it!"

I'm guessing when I get home tonight... it will be gone.
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I feel your pain. I constantly tell my wife and daughter, "I have ONE rule, put it back where you found it!". My wife shrugs her shoulders and says, "Calm down crazy." But she's the one making me crazy. I'd better post this before she reads it.
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