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Who's This Mystery Man?

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I posted this a couple of days ago but I think it got "buried". Does anyone know the man who uses this avatar and the name Dr. Slickhill?

I don't want him to go unnoticed. His screen name used to be blacklightmike aka Mike Melillo. Mike is the sculptor mentioned in my first article about Laurie Franklin's work. He gave her support when she reached out to him during her sculpt on Frankenstein. She credits him for being an influential person in the progression of building her confidence and skills as a prop maker. I have crossed paths with Mike in other areas of the internet, but have not seen him on this forum for a while.

As a wannabe prop maker I recognize the value of the type of support Mike provided to Laurie and want you to know where to find him. I asked his permission to expose his whereabouts and talents. (giggle)! So don't miss this opportunity to make a great connection.

Welcome home Dr. Slickhill...