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Who's got their candy yet?

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We started buying today. Found bags of fun sized Kit Kats (21 bars in a bag) 2 for $5.00. so picked up 10 bags. That was the best price we found so far. Figure we'll at least double this amount, and then go by the weather forecast to see how much more we get.
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We've got 1400 pieces so far, mostly chocolate. That should be enough, I hope.
We got ours at Costco today. $13 for box of full sized Hershey assortment, same for full sized boxes of 30 count Mars assortment, snickers ..etc. Same pice for full sized skittle and starburst assortment. Grabbed 20 boxes, so I'm ready for 600 TOT'ers. Our store still has Skeletons left too .. Three happened to jump in my cart as I passed by, sneaky suckers! :p
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We got a bag of mini candy bars and a bag of fun size Kit Kats about a week ago. We need to get candy still though because all that is gone already lol
I finally saw a nice 'buy one/get one' today on a nice Nestle mix, and Snickers medley (peanut butter, almond, regular).

This is our first year in a new place, so really don't know what we'll need. The neighbors are saying to expect ~ 50 ToTs, but I'm hoping for far better!

We settled on optimistic 200 pieces, and we'll see how it goes. ;)
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Nothing yet! We always get chips so I try not to get them too early because I have to find storage for the boxes
yes .i have abt 30 bags of diff candy bars in the freezer.. been buying since the last week of sept so that we would be ready for our party and for the public. purchased most of ours at cvs using coupons and extra care bucks.
got mine a couple day's ago 3 24 pac of lemon heads 1.8 oz box's all 3 for 15 dallers not too bad, only thing I don't like about them is that
they are marked 25 cents, think my wife is going to pick up some fruit snacks for the littler ones got to thinking lemon heads might not be a good
choice for them, what do you think?? oooppps it was 4 box's
We moved and I have no idea what the turn out will be. Still, we've already bought about 10 bags/boxes. We have assorted fun-size chocolate, sour gummies, nerds, individually wrapped Halloween peeps,and a few boxes of the ever popular ring pops. We also have an assortment of small toys/bubblers from Oritiental Trading, and every TOT gets a glow-in-the-dark bracelet. I should probably mention that the most we've ever had is about 200, and that was in the old house where we had kids coming in from other neighborhoods as well. I can't imagine the 1,000 TOTs some of you get!
I got about 10 bags today at Walmart. I put a cauldron full out at my party and give the rest of the ToT's. Of course it is stored at my neighbor's house so I won't eat it all this week!
Safeway (grocery store chain) has candy on sale for $2.00 a bag (but you have to buy at least 5 bags to get the deal). It was such a good deal I ended up getting 10 bags of candy (Snickers, Kit Kat, Reeces PB Cups...). Pretty optimistic on my part since I only had 2 TOTs last year (that was disappointing). But you never know, this could be the year they finally come! Since I get so few TOTs, I'm really, really generous with the candy handouts.
I think we get about 75 kids. I haven't passed out treats in years. I'm always busy doing my haunt. but this year I won't be doing my haunt, so treats it is. I got 101 boo blast popping candy tot size. I got 68 crazy bones lollipops. I got 11 crazy bites. and I got 50 piece creature pack. and 1 pencil. so far.
I plan on giving 1 boo blast, 1 crazy bite, and 1 creature till I run out.
then, I plan on giving 1 boo blast, 1 crazy bones lollipop, and 1 creature till I run out.
and then, I plan on giving 1 boo blast, 1 crazy bones lollipop, and 1 pencil. till I run out.
somewhere I have some spider rings I need to round up for after the pencil.
We only had about 50, if that, total for both nights last year. Weather was cold and rainy, though.

I bought 6 bags of vampire fangs with candy blood bags (48 pc total), 252 chocolate bar pcs, and 200 Willy Wonka pcs. Plus 100 glow bracelets and some leftover mini rubber ducks from last year. (and somewhere, stickers and spider rings!)
Started picking up candy last week. Have to grab it when i find it on sale with having over 500 kids showing up. With Halloween on a friday night this year expecting more than past years. So far have the chocolate and still need to hit Sams Club and Costco for those cheese peanut butter crackers that go over great for the little ones.
I'm your candyman .. Oh yes, I am ..

Ha! I have more candy then I thought I did .. Forgot I picked up taffy and fun dips at walmart a couple of weeks ago, I'm set and then some , for about 740 kids. This is my assortment this year.


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I'm slowly stocking up as the big day nears. I usually buy in bulk to avoid high prices.
I;ve got most of mine. Have some coupons for CVS and some manufacturer coupons so I'm going to see how much I can score for next to nothing.
I just started buying yesterday.I'll squeeze in 2-4 bags of candy each day while running daily errands,soI end up with between 30 and 50 bags of candy by the time the big event rolls around.
I've had mine for a few weeks now plus some toys & stuff left over from last year.

There is also decoy candy. This year it's Reese's Cups which were on sale & which I've left out for my husband to "find" (last year it was Peanut M&Ms). The rest of the full sized bars are hidden a little further behind them & I actually haven't eaten any of it.
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