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Wholy Crap... from small time to the BIG SHOW !!!

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Well I must say that it has been so much fun being a part of this forum.

Great ideas and connections for the DIYer in all of us. Like so many on this forum, My front yard has really been a major attraction in our neighborhood, but for us...word never really traveled much farther.

This year Our school system was talked into turning over the original High School in our town ( Now abandoned ) to an educational foundation in need of a major Fundraiser.

You can see where this is all going. Someone mentioned our name and I got roped into this project... ( Deep into it )

We are now scrambling to get "Haunted High" on line and are using all of my displays within the haunt.

I may just be posting in a mad panic here and there over the next month for ideas and advice. Wish us luck.

Thanks HFers

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Good luck! I hope that everything goes well and the fundraiser is a great success.

What are some of your ideas for a haunted highschool? Would love to hear your thoughts.

There is just something really creepy about an abandoned high school.
Good luck! I hope that everything goes well and the fundraiser is a great success.

What are some of your ideas for a haunted highschool? Would love to hear your thoughts.

There is just something really creepy about an abandoned high school.
Above all we're sticking to these 2 rules:
1) it maintains a Haunted School theme i.e :
* Zombies are students, staff and faculty.
* Our electric Chair guy is actually a student staying after school in School Detention.
* The typical Canibal / Butcher Shop is actually our School Cafeteria.
* We get to utilize a large old Auditorium with Great Open space overhead, so plenty of opportuniities for FCGs
against the walls and possibly projection spectors on the ceiling and walls. who knows.
* etc......

2) It can't be lame or cutsie. Our first year out has to be done right or we'll never get the crouds back.
That is going to be intense.

Good luck with the haunt.
It sounds like its going to be great.

good luck.
Does sound like a lot of work. A lot of fun fun work.:D
Great ideas!

The only thing that would worry me in an old school is actually the amount of space. With wide open spaces, it is hard to get that uneasy, closed-in feeling that works so well in walkthrough haunts. Not trying to be a downer, but it is really easy to get stuck with a big area and try and put too much into it. Remember sometimes that less is better. I can picture an abandoned Prom in the auditorium, ala Carrie or Prom Night. Something really creepy about sad, old party decorations. :)

I think as long as you stick to your rules, you'll do great! Keep us updated. I know I would love some pics of before and after, and I'm sure others would also enjoy them.
Yes, keep us updated!
With progress pics if possible :D

I know to some of us, high school really was a nightmare!!
Wow Bart, congrats on the recognition. Guess it's put the petal to the metal time for you. I'm hoping that this organization has the volunteers who can really come through and help you make this a huge success. Be a good delegator. Love the idea of Haunted High BTW. Stay in touch when you can and see if someone can be a historian of sorts and take pics along the way. A video at the end would be cool for everyone to have and great for promoting the event next year if there is one planned. I know that in the rush to get things done that is something that gets left in the dust many times. We'll be here to cheer you on. Rah-rah-sis-boom-bah-BOO! (oops, hope that's not too cutsie, but cheerleaders can be a scary bunch, keep that in mind).

BTW I liked the suggestion of filling a large space (auditorium or gym with normal kind of decorations for a prom from the past), the music for it could be flashback and played eerily so you immediately knew this isn't your time or place but from some time long ago. If you get someone to work on music to be played, let them also work on pulling together any PA announcements if the school has a system in place that is still working. The flashback time could be helped along with signage from Class of 19-- and old altered B&W photos promoting events at the school from then. In fact I'd suggest taking lots of crate paper streamers and such and setting them out in a sunny place where they could start fading now. Same with any posters you want to hang on the hallway and class room walls so you can achieve that aged look. Dead carnations for guy prom goers and dead nosegays (think that's what they were called) for the girl zombies. See if some local flower shop can save flowers like this that they would be tossing out and let them decay so you'll have them when the time comes to add the final touches to the zombie props and prom tables. A nice mention of the flower shop in the sponsors list for the event should get you cooperation I would think. Of course funeral homes might be the next best choice for dead flowers.

If the school is meant to look abandoned for years, maybe collecting dead fall leaves now could be useful in spreading them in some of the entrance hallways. I wonder if that fake spray snow might not also be useful in changing the look of mirrors giving it some texture that could be colorized for a dirty brown aged dust look.

Here's a link to some props that Improvements Catalog is carrying that might spur some ideas. Last year I think they had different dancing ghouls but they seem to be sticking with the theme.
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Would that make us Cheerleaders or Fearleaders? HAHA

I'm sure all of us would be happy to have our brains picked for ideas. I think we are all very good at encouraging. :)
I have plenty of dust sitting around in my house if need it. Seems I don't have time for housework right now. Too busy working on props. Congratulations on getting your dream project. If you work ambient sounds in like slamming lockers. Footsteps echoing down a hall, a faint distance sound of school bells and kid's talking. Stuff like that can really put people in the mood. Oh, a story line about why the school's abandoned can open up all kinds of possiblities. You could have a bulletin board with old newsclippings, etc to set the story up. Wow. I am so jealous of you right now!!!
Wow - what an awesome project! If I lived in your town I would volunteer to help!
It sounds like a lot of fun, congratulations and good luck. I really like the prom gone wrong ideas. And the dead leaves whispering in through the entrance. I hope we get to see pictures. :)
Yeah... I set up our Giant Spider at the end of 1 hall and set up our Electric Chair guy in the schools Detention room today. I have a hacked Douglas Fir that was a cravecrawler . I've converted it into a Homeroom Teacher that explains the rules for entering Haunted High for each group entering the haunt.

Our Electric chair guy had a longer run time to his routeen when we used it in our Home haunt. Now for use in Haunted High, I wish that I could trigger the sound Via a relay or something. I don't know anything about that stuff. and it will be the first thing I ask you guys for help on.

I also have to get going on a Cobweb Gun conversion from a hot glue gun tonight. So much to do...so little time.
One of the ways were hoping to differenciate ourselves from other local Haunted attractions is the idea that it is completely indoors. No waiting in line outside etc.

The old Gymnasium is the entry point to the event, with admission, food and merchandising. One section is dedicated to the serpentine stand-in-line area to finally enter the Haunt.

For our first year, Its just a Gymnasium, but Year 2 will have a pre-gala kickoff of a mascarade, Haunted Prom for the community.

Because of the size of the building we actually have 2 mazes. and haunted hallways, classrooms, offices, and the auditorium in between the two mazes.

There was so much stuff left over in the way of tables desks file cabinates lunch tables, etc. that were using them all over the place.

Plenty of area to be creative with this theme.
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So all of the desks and what not are there?

If so create a maze of stacked desks and chairs in one hallway, just make sure they are secure and don't fall on anyone. Something about old desks stacked in a mangled pile just kinda seems creepy to me.

Fog machine inside the janitors closet and have a boombox with recordings of quiet coughing. Just to remind people of sneaking smokes in the janitors closet.
Hey...that Hot Glue Gun Cob webber works cool. It was easy and cheap to make. If you haven't...you should. :D
HELP !!! Needed Right Now Sound Device for Prop

I have a prop that I need to add a 1 minute sound track to that will reset itself and play again at the trigger.

I need it Bad and I need it Now. It's for a prop in our Haunted Attraction
Welcome to Haunted High Online.

Please all you geekoids.. I really got to junp on this. We opened last weekend, and on our second night the sound failed. I need something bulletproof.

This project sounds like lots f fun... lots of work too, but still, lots of fun... Please post pics whenever you have a minute....

Sorry about the soundtrack for your prop.... Can't help you with that.... Have you checked the Halloween Music section?
All I have to say is WOW..that is an amazing idea..it looks like people are going to have a fun time with that..both participants and visitors..
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