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who knows where to get haunted mansion props?

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im kinda new to the whole halloween decor and animatronics. i would like to get some haunted mansion supplies like madame leotas crystal ball, her tombstone, stretching portrait, changing portrait? if anyone knows please tell me. this year im having a haunted mansion deal and even though i know all the secrets to the mansion, i have no clue to where to find this stuff. i mean to make a madame leota tombstone, im taking apart one of those blinking christmas trees!:D
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not much props of the haunted mansion are available for sale , have not seen much around wish they had more for sale at affordable prices too.

the changing lenticular portraits you can find here ,i have 2 from the first link and their amazing Changing Portraits to Kill For - Halloween and Gothic Decorations from Haunted Portraits
Haunted Memories Changing Portraits

i also have this DVD possessed painting , havent had a chance to try it yet as i didnt have a flat tv at home to frame up but cheap and the dvd is very well done Twisted Ambience

you might want to check out this thread too it is amazing effect done by a member here http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/75936-disney-s-haunted-mansion-changing-portraits.html

for madame leota the option is to get a gemmy animated witch in crystal ball and changing her hair and repaint her and hack her , or like scourge mentionned above , the one Mr chicken did on the forum is pretty amazing .

tombstone you can try and find a douglas fir talking tree and stip it down to make the talking tombstone kinda like this Chris's Crypt, The Lamar Manor Sign

organ and grim organist i have done a static one this year but msmeeple did a very cool animated organ .... Ms Meeple

buckaneerbabe did a cool version of hitchiking ghosts too ....and she also did a great gravedigger that i HAD to copy her idea and make my own :) ...

i dont know if it is a good web site reference as i never ordered from them but they have some haunted mansion things Gothic Manor - Create Your Own Haunted Mansion

one thing i always wanted was this animated couple dancing but kinda of expensive , Haunted House Animations, Air Cannons, Special Effects and more. click for the video of the dancing bride and groom maybe this can be done cheaper

if you like static disney ghost their are these static ghost props Super Bulk Deals on High-End Halloween Props and Costumes at Wholesale Prices at HalloweenHauntedProps.com

hope this helps you start your project for this year ;)

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Sometimes you can find the haunted mansion tombstones-don't know the names but they were orginally offered at disney catlog at ebay.The last one was fairly cheap compared to what they were going for.
Witch you do alot of researching I will be calling on you when I am looking for something.

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Scourge, I'm beaming. I put together a how to on Leota here: Conjuring Madame Leota - HauntForum.com

I'm also in the planning stages of an organist, so stay tuned for that.

I also went totally psycho one weekend and scaled up a photo of Gracey's tombstone, printed it out, and carved it in styrofoam. (pic--look toward the back of the scene)

As far as my research has led me, if you really want authentic Haunted Mansion props, you've got to make them yourself.
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