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whimsical haunt music?

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Hey hey,

Just doing some surfing and I found the Winchester mystery house tour page (http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/) the music on there is really awesome. I then came on here and was looking through the posts and someone brought up the Midsomer Murders theme which is also fantastic. Anyone know of any other whimsical, magical haunt music? (Other then Danny Elfman)

Happy haunting
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Pumpkinhead625, you chose two songs that I also have in my music library (Jill Tracy's Evil Night Together and The Creepshow's The Garden; excellent picks of course:D
The only reason I knew about them is thanks to you. You had posted them in another thread here, and I've since downloaded them to my library.

Here is another by Jill Tracy that is fantastic (and fully instrumental):
I like this song too. One of the albums on my to-buy list is "Into The Land Of Phantoms" by Jill Tracy and the Malcontent Orchestra. It's an all-instrumental album written as a score to F. W. Murnau's silent classic, "Nosferatu". I'd really love to see the film together with the soundtrack.
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