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Which costume is better

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Okay for Halloween I've been a ghost for like 2 or 3 years straight and I'm getting kind of tired of it so I'm gonna mix it around. My parents won't let me buy a costume so I have to make it but that's ok because I like the DIY ones better lul.

Here are my two choices

1.A toilet paper mummy with clear tape to keep it secure. (I'll have a white shirt and white shorts on to blend in) and I'll also have access to my pockets since I'm planning on not wrapping around the pockets. I'll have my whole body wrapped just not my shoes. Should I do my hands!?

2. A pumpkin made out of a plain orange shirt which I'll make a pumpkin face using black construction paper and tape in on their, and I'll also out green triangles around the collar. I'll also have black leggings and shoes, (long black plants) and I'll have a round piece of cardboard that's green which is the hat. It will look like the top of the pumpkin.

I think these are two good ideas but I don't know which one plz help and say which one you think is better
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well how old are you and what kinda skill you got
the mummy you could you cheese cloth and stain it with tea and it would hold up better in the weather I did this using hot glue to white coveralls but you could use sweat pants and shirt
I like the mummy idea, but I guess the use of bathroom tissue would depend on the weather. If it rained, it wouldn't hold up so well.
Hi Jonah, I second the age question and I also wonder why your parents wont let you buy a costume? (bein' nosy :) )

I think you can use a regular black sharpie to make the pumpkin face on your shirt, I like this idea better because like themyst mentioned, the TP could disintegrate if wet.

If you have fabric or sculpy, you can make the pumpkin lid/hat that way, would look pretty cool, I made one and my sister stole it, lol.

Same for the collar, Id do fabric because of rain on paper is no good.

You can also do pun costumes, like take used cereal boxes and attach them to your shirt and have them slashed up a bit. Put on your shirt the words Cereal Killer. That one always cracks me up.

Or you can make one of your eyes black and then put the letter P on your shirt, you can be a black eyed P (ea) :)
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Thanks for the ideas kitty vibe I think the reason my parents won't let me is because they aren't much into Halloween as me and my 2 sisters are, (we love Halloween). So they don't wanna spend money on a costume D: Also I'm an eleven year old boy. I will use sharpie for the face and fabric for the hat and for the green triangles around the collar.

I don't think it will rain on Halloween for the mummy costume but it might because it's rainy season :0
Also I like the cereal killer pun that is funny xD
Im sorry your parents arent into it and dont support you with the holiday. In my opinion, they should allow you to be a kid, and do fun kid stuff. Your only 11 once ya know? At least you know we are here for you to give ideas and I personally like to think of myself as having a little Macgyver in me because Ive been successful in making things out of ordinary stuff that was totally unexpected. :)

whats your sister going to be this year?
I agree I wish my parents were into it and I'm only eleven once and dressing up is one of my favorite things about Halloween. Thanks for having my back :)
And I'm gonna turn 12 on June 25

My sister who's 2 years older (13) than me but we have the same birthday she told me she wants to be a crayon or a paintbrush because she's into art

And my other sister (14) wants to be a cowgirl
Well it sounds like none of you will have a problem figuring out a good, inexpensive costume with your imaginations and your sister's art talent. Even when I was in my early twenties and celebrated Halloween with great fun, I didn't have much money at the time and usually went out wearing costumes made from items on hand, like a punk rocker which just takes some ripped up clothes, hairspray, and makeup. Quite a few kids that come trick or treating to my house wear homemade costumes. Part of the Halloween fun is making the costume. :D
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I'd go toilet paper mummy, so much more room for creativity and expression
Ugh I feel bad for you, I had the same problem when I was a kid. My father just didn't get the Halloween obsession that I had, the second I moved out I started a haunt on my front porch of my apartment and now I have a walk through in my yard. One day you will have your very own place to deck out, the pumpkin is a good idea and cheap. Another option would be a trip to the dollar store, you can get a mask, and accessories for less than $5 and throw that together with some old clothes and maybe a hat and you are good to go. You could easily do a scarecrow with some jeans and a flannel and have your sisters do up your face paint as an alternative. The "hay" is pretty cheap to come by if you live in the midwest. $5-$10 at most stores. I am sure that whatever you pick will look great. Have fun that is the most important part!
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