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Aw, now, don't hate me 'cause I have two new homes going up next to me. Yup, I have all the scrap re-bar, 2x4s, etc. I can pack deeper into my stuffed garage.

I just snapped this pic a few days ago. I know you other true propaholics will start salivating over it and know how truly lucky I am to have this bountiful pot-o-gold construction dumpster sitting out there, just waiting for me relieve it of its burdensome treasures.

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I know the feeling! Last summer I had a stack of new 3 inch pink foam as big as that dumpster just sitting across the street from me day after day. I had a deal that the guys could use my water in exchange for scraps. We also got free reign of the dumpster stuff. There are supposed to be 2 more complexes going in soon : )
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